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The LSDIS (Large Scale Distributed Information Systems) lab was established in 1994 with the guidance and direction provided by Dr. Amit P. Sheth with the help of Dr. John A. Miller and Dr. Krzysztof J. Kochut. This faculty group has been further strengthened by the additions of Dr. I. Budak Arpinar and Dr. Prashant Doshi, as LSDIS faculty members, and Dr. Leonidas Deligiannidis and Dr. Lakshmish Ramaswamy, as LSDIS associate faculty members.

Over the years LSDIS has been actively involved in research projects in the areas of Databases, Workflows, Information Integration, Web Services and the Semantic Web initiative. Students working in the lab frequently do internships in industry during their study, participate in international conferences and are aggressively pursued by potential employers. This trend has lead to several long-lasting collaborations with industry partners. Through its collaborations with industry partners, the lab is able to achieve significant technology transfer. Boeing, MCC, LGERCA and Hewlett Packard Labs have joined the LSDIS Lab as industry sponsor/affiliates in the past. More recently there has been collaboration with Athens Heart Center, IBM TJ Watson, IBM Almaden, CISCO, CTA, Lockheed Martin, Semagix and others.


April 2008: Ph.D. student Haibo Zhao will give a talk at the WWW'08 Developer's track on his WS composition tool, Haley.

April 2007: LSDIS is pleased to have three papers accepted in ICWS and SCC 2007.

March 2007: Prof. Doshi wins a grant from Microsoft for his proposal titled "Semantic Reconciliation with Disparate Sensor Meta-Data for Automatic Publication". His was one of only 9 that were funded out of 60 worldwide.

March 2007: March 2007: LSDIS is pleased to have two papers accepted in ESWC 2007 (acceptance rate:20%)

Feburary 2007: Prof. Doshi gives an invited talk on adaptive Web processes at a Dagstuhl research seminar.

Feburary 2007: LSDIS is pleased to have two papers accepted in WWW 2007 (acceptance rate:14%)

January 2007: Jan 2007: Prof. Doshi gave an invited talk on adaptive Web processes at IBM's India Research Lab (IRL)

January 2007: Professor Sheth begins his work as the LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar and starts the Kno.e.sis Center.

December 2006: Prof. Doshi receives another grant from UGARF for his research on decision-making.

December 2006: LSDIS is proud to have published in all major conferences in the Semantic Web and Web Services areas in 2006.

December 2006: LSDIS lab is pleased to have two papers accepted in ICSOC 2006 (17% acceptance rate).

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New Publications

Haibo Zhao and Prashant Doshi, Haley: A Hierarchical Framework for Logical Composition of Web Services, in Research track, ICWS, 2007
Girish Chafle, Prashant Doshi, et al., Improved Adaptation of Web Service Compositions using Value of Changed Information, in Applications and Industry track, ICWS, 2007
Yunzhou Wu and Prashant Doshi, Regret-Based Decentralized Adaptation of Web Processes with Coordination Constraints, in Applications and Industry track, SCC, 2007
Kemafor Anyanwu, Angela Maduko and Amit Sheth, SPARQ2L:Towards Support For Subgraph Extraction Queries in RDF Databases., WWW, Banff Canada, 2007.
John Harney and Prashant Doshi, Speeding up Adaptation of Web Processes Using Expiration Times, WWW, Banff Canada, 2007.
Haibo Zhao and Prashant Doshi, A Hierarchical Framework for Composing Nested Web Processes, (ICSOC), Chicago, IL, 2006
John Harney and Prashant Doshi, Adaptive Web Processes Using Value of Changed Information, (ICSOC), Chicago, IL, 2006
Prashant Doshi and Chris Thomas Inexact Matching of Ontology Graphs Using Expectation-Maximization, Proc. AAAI, Boston, MA, 2006
Sahoo et al, Knowledge Modeling and its Application in Life Sciences: A Tale of two Ontologies, WWW2006
Nominated for Best Student Paper
Oldham et al, Semantic WS-Agreement Partner Selection, WWW2006
Nominated for Best Paper
Aleman-Meza et al, Semantic Analytics on Social Networks: Experiences in Addressing the Problem of Conflict of Interest Detection, WWW2006

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Research Projects

Semantic Reconciliation with Disparate Sensor Meta-Data for Automatic Publication.
Microsoft SensorMap 2007 RFP Award

As ontologies become the preferred ways for storing data, sensor data providers are likely to develop detailed ontologies for their sensor data descriptions. However, currently envisioned and realized frameworks for publication of sensor data, such as the SenseWeb, do not provide a way to utilize provider-defined ontological representations of the sensor data. Instead, they require the provider to undertake potentially tedious and complex ways of registering their sensor feed data with them. Our research considers the provider-defined data models and automatically identifies and semantically aligns relevant concepts from the provider-defined data models with those of the publisher's data models. Learn more.

Semantic Discovery: Discovering Complex Relationships in Semantic Web: A NSF Medium Itr project

The SemDis (Semantic Discovery) project involves research in efficient ways to find semantic associations in large data sets. New approaches are developed for indexing and querying of complex semantic relationships driven by notions of information trust, provenance and models of hypotheses. Learn more.

Bioinformatics for Glycan Expression
Integrated Technology Resource for Biomedical Glycomics: Technological Research and Development Project IV, A Project funded by NIH

The goal of the Bioinformatics Project 4 of this glycomics resource is to develop a suite of databases along with computational tools that facilitate efficient acquisition, description, analysis, sharing and dissemination of the data contained therein. Learn more.

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