Assignment 3 : Building an Ontology


  1. Build an ontology that describes the domain of the terrorism. The ontology does not have to cover the whole domain but it should contain some basic classes like Person, Organizations, Communications and Places. Visualize the ontology as a graph. Graph can be drawn using programs like paint or any other special programs for drawing graphs. For the next part of the assignment you need to export the model in a simple RDFS format. You can use the Protege API for this purpose (Not necessary, some other API will also do). 

  2. Create instances of the ontology. Using the knowledge described in the ontology you can create a semantic data set. Save them as a separate file. For example, suppose you have an ontology about the geographic domain. Using it one could declare some instances (description of UK) as follows:

    <Country rdf:ID="UnitedKingdom">
        <partOf rdf:resource="#Europe"/>

    <Continent rdf:ID="Europe">
        <hasMap rdf:resource=""/>

Graph and two RDFS files, one for serialized ontology and one of instances, should be posted on student course webpages. Assignment is due on Wednesday March 5.