NSF-OntoWeb Invitational Workshop on
DB-IS Research for
Semantic Web and Enterprises: Proceedings
Participants and their Position Papers/Talks

Participant Position Paper/presentation
Final Report Draft Word; PDF
workshop recap at OntoWeb3 panel OntoWeb3 Panel Presentation[PPT]
Application Pull Workgroup Presentation[PPT]
Web Services Workgroup Presentation[PPT]
Ontology Workgroup Presentation[PPT]
Karl Aberer, LSIR, EPFL, Switzerland "Semantic Gossiping"
Mike Brodie, Verizon
Isabel Cruz, The University of Illinois at Chicago  
Umeshwar Dayal, Hewlett-Packard Labs  
Stefan Decker, Stanford University "Semantic Web and Databases:
Relationships and some Open Problems"
   "Report from the SWWS" [Presentation]
Max Egenhofer, University of Maine  
Dieter Fensel,  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam "The Web Service Modeling Framework WSMF"   Position Paper Presentation (PDF)
William Grosky, University of Michigan-Dearborn

"The Multimedia Semantic Web"

Michael Huhns,  University of South Carolina "Research Directions to Support Next-Generation Web Visions"
Ramesh Jain, UC-San Diego, and Praja "Emergent Semantics and Experiential Computing" Presentation[PPT}
Yahiko Kambayashi, Kyoto University

"Generation of Location-Related Knowledge from Web Contents"

Vipul Kashyap, National Library of Medicine
Ling Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology "Some Issues in supporting Integrated Web Access" [Presentation]
Frank Manola, The MITRE Corporation

"The Semantic Web and the Role of Information Systems Research"

Dennis McLeod, University of Southern California "What makes the Semantic Web so difficult to realize?" 
Robert Meersman, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

"Semantic Web and Ontologies: Playtime or Business at the Last Frontier in Computing?"

Amit Sheth, University of Georgia and Voquette Workshop Background and Agenda (Position Paper),
DB/IS Research for Semantic Web & Enterprises: History and Role (Workshop Introduction Talk)
Munindar Singh, North Carolina State University "The Pragmatic Web: Preliminary Thoughts" Pragmatic Web - Presentation[PPT]
"Why Should We Care about Context Aware Computing [Presentation]"
George Stork, EU "The Semantic Web - A Web of Knowledge and Services"  Presentation
Rudi Studer, AIFB
Universität Karlsruhe
"SEAL - Tying up Information Integration and Web Site Management with Ontologies" Presentation
Bhavani Thuraisingham, NSF-CISE-IIS  
Michael Uschold, The Boeing Company "Semantics: A Many Splendored Thing"  [Presentation]

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