CSCI 8350 Ontology Design Assignment

due Sept. 14

The purpose of this assignment is to give a concrete example to help with your understanding of the Ontology concept and design process. Also it will familiarize you with tools and technologies which you will almost certainly use in your project.

Part 1:

  1. Design an ontology for a domain of your choice. It should contain at least 20 classes and 30 relationships. Also, there should be some subclass/superclass relationships. You should use some ontology modeling tool. I suggest Protege
  2. Post the following on your course homepage:
    1. The HTML output from Protege (or some other human readable output .. ask if you are not sure)
    2. The RDFS representation of your ontology schema

Part 2:

  1. Create some instance data for your ontology (You can use Protege for this)
  2. Post the RDF data of the instances you created in Protege
  3. Come up with 5 RDQL queries
  4. Use the RDQL demo site here: to test your queries for correctness. (Put the location of the RDF data file from step 2 in the FROM part of the query and it should work)
  5. Post the queries on your site. You should include both a basic English sentence telling what the query does (i.e. find all instances of the student class) and the RDQL query itself.