Reasoning and Inference techniques

I found that the number of inference techniques is almost L * Is , where

L is element {varieties of variations of (description) logics},

I is an inference technique element {Resolution, Magic sets, Tableaux calculus} and

s element IN representing the number of slight variations of the inference techniques, which are made to improve performance regarding one logic.


Thus I decided to focus on relevance for the Semantic Web.

I plan the following structure for my presentation:






Introductory, relevance to Semantic Web and an example: (Overview, 1-2 pages) (useful as introductory reading, although is doesn’t tell much about inference techniques)


Knowledge Representation and Inferencing

Reasoning with DLs - Horrocks

MagicSets vs SLD Resolution - Brass

Technical Core of Ontobroker - Decker et al. (I want to show their approach translating from Frame Logic to FOL)

Logical Foundations of F-Logic - Kifer

tableaux-calculus  (from some lecture notes, I lost track from where …)

Subsumption Algorithms - Hollunder


(I have got a bunch of more papers, but they all focus on very specific aspects of certain logics or algorithms)