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Required Reading

Background Reading/References


Related Sciences

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Another course on Semantic Web taught by Prof. Isabel Cruz at the Univ. of Illinois. A course by Prof. Carole Goble that deals with Hypertext, IR as well as Semantic Web.

Taalee/Voquette's Content Enhancement and Semantic Engine Technology*

OntoWeb: Ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and electronic commerce 

The Semantic Web Community Portal [Excellent Source]

Mondeca's Hot Topics List

Semantic Web Related Books (by Danny Ayers)

Semantic Web Companies and White papers from H5 Technologies, Applied Semantics, Mongoose, etc.

Semantic Web Business Special Interest Group

International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC), 2002.

NSF-OntoWeb Workshop on Database and Information Systems Research for
Semantic Web and Enterprises
, April 3-5, 2002.

Data Engineering Special Issue on Organizing and Discovering the Semantic Web, March 2002

Workshop on Ontologies and Information Sharing at IJCAI-2001, August 4, 2001.

Proceedings of the Semantic Web Working Symposium, August 2001. Especially see Reports.

WWW10 - Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on the Semantic Web - SemWeb'2001, Hongkong, China, May 1, 2001. Alternative location.

ECDL 2000 Workshop on the Semantic Web, 21 September 2000, Lisbon Portugal. Related report by Constantopoulos, Christophides and Plexousakis

Metadata Resources

Classification, Taxonomies, and Categories for Searching and Browsing, Searchable Bibliography

Sebastiani's Papers and tutorials on Text Categorization

ResearchIndex (can use this, Google, etc. to find additional reading material)


Writings of Charles S. Peirce

Conceptual Graphs and the Semantic Web

Tim Berners-Lee, Architectural and Philosophical Points (esp., Logic and the semantic web)

* Class handouts


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