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The course will be conducted as follows:

  • A series of lectures by the instructor and TAs
  • Seminar style discussions of research papers and commercial technologies
  • Students' presentation on a scientific method, technologies and tools relevant to the Semantic Web
  • Students' Final Project requiring working prototypes.

Practically all material discussed/presented will be available here as the course progresses.
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Reading Assignments and Instructor's presentations


Due Date

Review material from previous Semantic Web course and Semantic Enterprise Course


1/8/04 Kunal's presentation in class on Web services and processes (ppt)  
Frank Leymann's presentation (pdf)


01/13 - 01/15/04 Karthik's Presentation: An Introduction to Web Services (ppt)


01/20 Christopher presents Dieter Fensel's Introduction to Semantic Web and Ontology and Jim Hendler's Introduction to Semantic Web


01/22 - 1/28 Introduction to Semantic Web cont'd
assignment for 1/28: WordNet review
assignment for 1/30: Project description
assignment for 2/05: here
(this assignment will be graded)


1/29 Intro to Description Logics. We will use the presentation by Fred Maier, given in the CSCI8350 Fall 2003 class (PPT) and some explanations from an HP presentation: Amateur intro to description logics (PDF)
For those more interested in OWL and DL, take a look at the paper "From SHIQ and RDF to OWL: The Making of a Web Ontology Language" by Ian Horrocks, Peter F. Patel-Schneider, and Frank van Harmelen


  Have a look at one or more of Chris Welty's tutorials on Ontologies:
Chris Welty's OntoClean presentations



















Student Technology Presentations


Title and document














Review and Demonstration of current Semantic Web tools and research prototypes


 Title and Document





Students' Final Project













Assignment/Project log: Some suggestions on writing a paper/assignment.












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