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Required Reading

Background Reading/References


Related Sciences

Web Service Standards
BPEL4WS Specification,
WSDL Specification
SOAP Specification

Semantic Web Services and Processes

METEOR-S homepage

Abhijit Patil, Swapna Oundhakar, Amit Sheth, Kunal Verma METEOR-S Web service Annotation Framework
( submitted to WWW2004)  

Semantic Web
RDF Tutorials
DARPA Presentation ( Required reading)
Presentation from Multiple sources



Note: the following is from the previous time I taught a related class (in Spring 2003).  It will be updated as we go.

Amit Sheth and Robert Meersman, Amicalola Report: Database and Information Systems Research Challenges and Opportunities in Semantic Web and Enterprises (esp. read about application pull section).

Tutorial on Semantic Web Services and Processes: Semantic Composition and Quality of Service
Tutorial on Java Web Services  Another Resource on Web Services

Java Technology and Web Services  WSDL

D. Fensel, C. Bussler, The Web Services Modeling Framework WSMF

S. Mcllraith, et al: Semantic Web Services, IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2002

A. Sheth et al. Semantic Content Management for Enterprises and the Web, IEEE Internet Computing, July/August 2002, pp. 80-87.

B. Hammond, et al, Semantic Enhancement Engine: A Modular Document Enhancement Platform for Semantic Applications over Heterogeneous Content

F. Gandon, L. Berthelot, R. Dieng, "A Multiagent Platform for Corporate Semantic Web (Cache copy)". Citation Source

Industry reports with substance:
General: Delphi on Taxonomy and Content Classification, Yankee Group on Enterprise Content Management,
Company Specific: Documentum Content Intelligence, Semagix Enterprise Semantic Platform


Review reading material from the Semantic Web course (Important prerequisite with extensive background material)

Tim Berners-Lee talk on Semantic Web, April 2002.

Tim Finin, An Overview and Underview of the Semantic Web, October 2002

Robert Meersman and Amit Sheth, SIGMOD Record Special Issue on "Semantic Web, Database Management and Information Systems," December 2002.

Michael Denny's Survey of Ontology Editing software

York Sure, Victor Iosif, First Results of a Semantic Web Technologies Evaluation, DOA'02, October 2002.

York Sure, Steffen Staab and Juergen Angele, OntoEdit: Guiding Ontology Development by Methodology and Inferencing, ODBASE'02.Fabien Gandon's Talk.

Ontology in a Nutshell (cache), Fabien Gandon's 2d Knowledge Management Summer School (INRIA). Source

Taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, and other systems of knowledge organization  Terms defined
Ontology and Information Systems by Barry Smith What is Ontology at

Readings on metadata (content and applications):
Metadata Management with JMI (Article by Mosher, presentation at JavaOne-2001),
Review papers:  Metadata for building the MultiMedia Patch Quilt by Shah et al 1995,
Overview on Using Metadata to Manage Multimedia Data by Boll et al 1998
Mysteries of Metadata: tutorial by Amit Sheth at Content World, Burlingame, Ca, May 2001


WSIndex: Web Services Links and Resources

SOAP and WSDL examples from DDBJ-SOAP project

Some Presentations on Web Services
Web Services for PHP

Russel Letson, Taxonomies put Content in Context, Transform, December 2001

The Semantic Web Community Portal

Some Ongoing KBS/Ontology Projects and Groups by Peter Clark

Mondeca's Hot Topics List

Workshop on Text Mining, 2001

Semantic Web Related Books (by Danny Ayers)

Semantic Web Business Special Interest Group

Special Issues of Semantic Web and related topics:
ERCIM News No. 51, October 2002
SIGMOD Record, December 2002 (Sheth and Meersman, Editors)

NSF-OntoWeb Workshop on Database and Information Systems Research for
Semantic Web and Enterprises
, April 3-5, 2002.

ResearchIndex (can use this, Google, etc. to find additional reading material)

Selected Resources on Semantics at Questia - the online library


Writings of Charles S. Peirce

Conceptual Graphs and the Semantic Web

Tim Berners-Lee, Architectural and Philosophical Points (esp., Logic and the semantic web)

Defining semantics by Jonathan West

Semantic Network Theory


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