In case you were missing some parts of the assignment Dr. Sheth gave today, here it is again.

Take a look at the following ontologies or knowledge representations: WordNet, GO (Gene Ontology)  CYC, and CIDOC/CRM ontology ( and ). 


-          Identify one or more key papers/references/presentations about each of the ontologies,

-          classify them in terms of

o        General-Purpose, Domain, Task ontology

o        formal, semi-formal, informal

-          compare or comment on their expressiveness, and identify which relations they use/express formally or informally?
(Remember, OWL basically just knows ‘is_a’ and ‘instance_of’; some of the above will be more expressive, some less expressive)

-          identify toy or real-world applications (if any) of the above and identify the context in which they are used

-          Would you consider the ontology successful? Try to give reasons for success or failure.