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The course will be conducted as follows:

Practically all material discussed/presented will be available here as the course progresses.
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Reading Assignments and Instructor's presentations
8/20/02 8/26/02 Review material from the Semantic Web course.
8/20/02 8/22/02 Read Amicalola Report.
8/23/02 8/30/02 Familiarize with WSIndex and introduction to Web Services.
8/29/02 9/2/02 Read and come ready to discuss: A. Sheth, Changing Focus on Interoperability in Information Systems: From System, Syntax, Structure to Semantics, in Interoperating Geographic Information Systems.  M. F. Goodchild, M. J. Egenhofer, R. Fegeas, and C. A. Kottman (eds.), Kluwer, Academic Publishers, 1998, pp. 5-30.
8/29/02 9/04/02

Read and come ready to discuss: B. Hammond, A. Sheth, and K. Kochut, Semantic Enhancement Engine: A Modular Document Enhancement Platform for Semantic Applications over Heterogeneous Content

Student Technology Presentations
Kemafor  Overview of RDF and RDF Schema, Introduction of Semantic Association
9/11/02 Aleman  Where is Semantics in Semantic Web   ; (Michael Uschold's talk)
9/12/02 Kaarthik Sivashanmugam  Web Services Overview    ;
Swapna Oundhakar  Web Services Modeling Framework   ; ; Example ; WSDL / SOAP Web Services Search Engine
Senthilanand Chandrasekaran  Composition, Performance Analysis and Simulation of Web Services  
Abhijit Patil  Semantic Web Service Discovery by Jorge Cardoso     ; 
Zhenyu Zhong  Extensible Approach to Modeling Ontologies in RDF   ;
Cartic Ramakrishnan  Logical foundations for the Semantic Web by Ian Horrocks    ;
Minal Agrawal Content Management & SCORE System   ;  
Rupa Krishnan  Using metadata to manage multimedia data, by Susanne Boll,Wolfgang Klas and Amit Sheth   ;
Kunal Verma  Semantic Interoperability on the Web by Jeff Heflin and James Hendler   ;
Karthik Gomadam  Semantic Databases - Introduction and Overview    ;
Dimitri Kolychev  Bio-ontologies - Creation and design     ; 
Ranjit Mulye  Corporate Semantic Webs     ; 
Durga Yeluri  RQL Query by Example  
Christopher Thomas  DAML-Enabled Web Services   ;
Review and Demonstration of current Semantic Web tools and research prototypes
   Accurate Search- What a Concept by Peter Doyle, Convera, Inc.
Minal Agrawal  SMORE : Semantic Markup, Ontology & RDF Editor
Aleman Meza  Sesame  
Kaarthik Sivashanmugam  JENA - A Java API for DAML
Swapna Oundhakar  RDF Web Scraper : Tool Download
Abhijit Patil  KAON : OIModeller : Online Demo
Zhenyu Zhong  OntoEdit : Development environment for design, adaptation and import of knowledge models for applications
Cartic Ramakrishnan  Basic Description Logics ; Complexity of Reasoning
Rupa Krishnan  Rainbow System
Kunal Verma  OntoMat-Annotizer
Karthik Gomadam  RDF Suite by IntelliDiemension
Dimitri Kolychev  Protege
Ranjit Mulye  KAON : TEXT-To-ONTO : Online Demo
Durga Yeluri  OilED
Christopher Thomas  Triple
Students' Final Project



Assignment/Project log: Some suggestions on writing a paper/assignment.

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