Semantic Enterprise
A special version of Enterprise Integration course (CSCI 8350) for Fall 2002
LSDIS Lab, Computer Science, University of Georgia
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Professor: Amit Sheth

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Semantic Web is one of the most active areas of Computer Science. As part of the Semantic Web  course during 2002, we looked at many issues related to understanding how the emerging Semantic Web technology can revolutionize the way we use the Web to find and organize information. Arguably, Semantic Web technology will be used first to address efficiency, productivity and scalability challenges within Enterprises or for e-commerce applications, and the initial focus will be on professional users. One perspective on this is captured by the term "Corporate Semantic Webs."  Once the Semantic Web technology is applied within and across enterprises in support of enterprise applications and e-commerce, it will likely gain wider adoption to support casual Web users and consumers.  So in this semester, we intend to build upon our earlier discourse, and study how semantic technology has started to effect issues within and across businesses, including the role of Semantic Web technologies on key Enterprise Applications (e.g., Enterprise Content Management, Supply Chain, CRM). In that context, we will study active resources such as those represented as Web Services, rather than pure dada/information sources (e.g., databases, Web sites, and XML/RDF documents).

This is an advanced course involving topics in Internet/WWW, Database Management, Information Systems, Information Retrieval and Artificial Intelligence.

Use the material from the Semantic Web course as your primary background.  Follow the links on left marked Description and Reading for more information about this course. Course Material and Students' Course pages will continue to be updated throughout the semester.