Computing Facilities at the LSDIS Lab

Room 222, Hardman Hall

The following somewhat outdated computing facilities primarily support research at the LSDIS lab and the advanced courses taught in the area of the lab's research.


LSDIS Lab's computing resources support distributed and collaborative computing, Intra- and Internet environments, wired and wireless LAN communications, and heterogeneous media data and multimedia document creation and management. Currently, it has approx. 30 computers including 7 servers (Solaris, Linux and Windows) with networked storage.


Commercial-grade software development environment, especially for C/S and distributed systems as well as multimedia authoring and data management receive as much importance as hardware. These include (in addition to freeware)

  • Freedom from Semagix (developed based on technology researched and licensed from the LSDIS lab)
  • Postgres, Informix, POET, Oracle and Illustra DBMSs
  • Various ORBs
  • Variety of compilers and software development toolkits, Visual Cafe, Visual Basic, Visual C++
  • Application Development Software, Office Suites, Graphics, Internet and Authoring Software

Significant prototype software include:

  • The InfoHarness system (for managing heterogeneous digital data without data relocation and reformatting) donated by Bellcore
  • ODE from AT&T Bell Labs
  • CLASSIC from AT&T Bell Labs

The lab maintains active collaborations with industry; its industry sponsor and affiliates include Boeing and Hewlett Packard Corp. We gratefully acknowledge substantial software donation by

  • IONA Technologies (ORBIX, ORBIX/Web, ORBIX/Talk, ORBIX/Name, OTS, etc.)($45K+),
  • Informix Universal Server ($120K),
  • Illustra Inc., now Informix (as part of their Engine for Innovation University Grant Program, $17K+),
  • I-Kinetics's OpenJDBC, ($20K)
  • Virage's Visual Information Retrieval Engine,
  • PostModern Computing, now part of Visigenic ($83K+),
  • Persistence Software, Inc. ($67K+), and
  • Bellcore.

Software donations of the past exceeded $400K.

Additional common/shared research and instruction computing facilities, including some machines for parrallel computing, are also available in the Department of Computer Science.