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Alumni (Advisor) Thesis (Project worked on) Graduation Last known affiliation Contact
Richard S. Patterson, MS (Miller) SECURITY AND AUTHORIZATION ISSUES IN HL7 ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS: A SEMANTIC WEB SERVICES BASED APPROACH (Thesis,Presentation) 12/2006 Knowledge Integrity Inc. scootterson[at]yahoo[dot]com
Nicole Oldham, MS(Sheth) SEMANTIC WS-AGREEMENT PARTNER SELECTION Thesis-Report (PDF), Presentation (PPT) 04/2006 Athens Heart Center noldham[at]athensheartcenter[dot]com
Ke Li, MS(Miller) LUMINA: Using WSDL-S for Web Service Ddiscovery (METEOR-S) Thesis-Report (PDF), Presentation (PPT) 12/2005 keli[at]uga[dot]edu
Willie Milnor, MS(Miller and Sheth) Discovering Informative Subgraphs in RDF Graphs PDF DOC Defense:PDF, PPT, Demo (SemDis) 12/2005 TopQuadrant, Inc milnor[at]gmail[dot]com
Preeda Rajasekaran, MS(Miller) Enhancing Web services description using WSDL-S PDF 12/2005 Semagix, Inc preeda.rajasekaran[at]gmail[dot]com
Ranjit Mulye, MS(Miller) METEOR-S Process Design and Development Tool (METEOR-S) 05/2005 ranjit_mulye[at]yahoo[dot]com
Kaarthik Sivashanmugam, MS (Miller and Sheth) The METEOR-S Framework for Semantic Web Process Composition HTML, PDF, PS, DOC Defense: PDF, PPS, PPT (METEOR) 08/2003 Semagix, Inc s_kaarthiks[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in
Senthilanand Chandrasekaran, MS (Miller) Composition, Performance Analysis and Simulation of Web Services PDF PPT 09/2002 Facset senthil[at]factset[dot]com
Jorge Cardoso, PhD (Sheth) Quality of Service and Semantic Composition of Workflows PDF PPT (METEOR) 08/2002 University of Madeira, Portugal jcardoso[at]uga[dot]edu Office: (+351) 291 705 156
Madhan Arumugam The Peer-to-Peer Semantic Web : A Distributed Environment for sharing Semantic Knowledge on the WebDOC PDF ( InfoQuilt) 12/2001 Intel armadhan[at]yahoo[dot]com
WonJung Kim Knowledge Based Personalization PDF ( InfoQuilt) 12/2001 Samsung won_jungk[at]hotmail[dot]com
Shuchi Patel Planning and Optimizating Semantic Information Requests using Domain Modeling and Resource Characteristics (InfoQuilt, VideoAnywhere) 8/2001 Verizon patel_shu[at]hotmail[dot]com
Sanjeev Thacker Knowledge Modeling for Study of Domain and Inter-domain Relationships – A Learning Paradigm PPT (InfoQuilt) 8/2001
Zhongwei Luo, PhD (Sheth) Knowledge sharing, coordinated exception handling, and intelligent problem solving for cross-organizational business processes HTML PDF (METEOR) 1/2001 University of Hong Kong
Zhongqiao Li (Sheth) Using Collaboration Task in ORBWork Enactment System for METEOR Workflow Management System PDF DOC (CaTCH, METEOR) 8/2000 i2 Technologies
Dallas, TX
zhongqiao_li[at]yahoo[dot]com zhongqiao_li[at]i2[dot]com
Narayanan Palsena (Sheth) A Framework For Creating Information Landscapes and
Modeling MetaData in the context of Digital Earth (ADEPT)
8/2000 SAP Labs
3475 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto , CA
650-849-4136(o) 408-394-8921(m)
Mukesh Guntamadugu MÉTIS: Automating Metabase Creation from Multiple Heterogeneous Sources PDF (ADEPT) 8/2000 Looksmart
San Fransisco, CA
Sriram Lakshminarayanan Semantic Interoperability in Digital Libraries using Inter-ontological Relationships PDF DOC (ADEPT) 8/2000 Yahoo Santa Clara, CA srir[at]yahoo-inc[dot]com
Dilpreet Singh An Agent Based Architecture For Query Planning And Cost Modeling Of Web Sources DOC (ADEPT) 8/2000 dilpreet[at]gmail[dot]com
Vineet Mahajan, MS(Sheth) A Multi-Agent System for Metadata Management and Information Brokering 7/1999 GE Power Systems 678-844-4906 (o) 770-518-6538   (h) vineet.mahajan[at]ps[dot]ge[dot]com vineet_mahajan[at]hotmail[dot]com
Subhrajit Ray, MS(Sheth) Ontology-Based Media Independent Correlation of Information Across Heterogeneous Distributed Resources 7/1999 Idea Integration, Jacksonville, Florida, subhrajit.ray[at]gmail[dot]com
Subrajit Ray Ontology-Based Media Independent Correlation of Information across Heterogeneous Distributed Resources (InfoQuilt) 8/1999
Mei Fan A Security System for METEOR Workflow Management system (METEOR) 1999
Ketan Bhukanwala (Kochut) (METEOR) BEA Systems kbhukhanwala[at]yahoo[dot]com ketan[at]bea[dot]com
David Avant Taalee, Inc./Voquette, Inc.
263 W. Clayton St. #5
Athens, GA 30601
(706) 353-1484 x203 (o) avant[at]ureach[dot]com davida[at]voquette[dot]com
Clemens Bertram Semantic Correlation of Heterogeneous Destributed Assets in INFOQUILT (VideoAnywhere, InfoQuilt) POSTSCRIPT PDF 12/1998 Taalee, Inc./Voquette, Inc.
263 W. Clayton St. #5
Athens, GA 30601
135 Winding Brook Trail
Winterville, GA 30683
Krishnan Parasuraman (Sheth) A Multi-Agent System for Information Brokering in InfoQuilt (InfoQuilt, CaTCH) 12/1998 Exemplary 10001 North De Anza Boulevard, Suite 300
Cupertino, CA 95014
408-861-9611 (o) kris[at]parasuraman[dot]com
20800 Homstead Road, #34C Cupertino CA 95014
Vipul Kashyap
Information Brokering over heterogeneous digital data : A metadata based approach 10/1997 Telcordia Technologies Vipul_kashyap[at]yahoo[dot]com
Selvam Velumurugan (Sheth) Collaborative TeleConsulting for Healthcare (CaTCH) 8/1997 selvam[at]amazon[dot]com
Yong Jiang (Kochut)
Xuzhong Wang (Kochut)
David Lin (Kochut)
Dev Palaniswami (Miller) Development of WebWork: METEOR2's Web-based Workflow Management System (METEOR) 6/1997 Asea Brown Boveri, Athens, GA dev_palaniswami[at]yahoo[dot]com
Ke Zheng (Jack) (Kochut) Designing Workflow Processes in METEOR2 Workflow Management System (METEOR) 6/1997
Srilekha Mudumbai (Sheth) ZEBRA: Customizable, Extensible metadata-based access to Federated Image Repositories (VisualHarness) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Berkeley CA 94720 srilek[at]yahoo[dot]com
Devashish Worah (Sheth) Error Handling and Recovery in METEOR'2 ORBWork Distributed Workflow Enactment Service (METEOR) eFORCE Inc.
63 South Avenue
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 929.6874 (o) worah[at]yahoo[dot]com dworah[at]eforceglobal[dot]com
Souvik Das (Kochut) ORBWork: A Distributed, CORBA-Based Runtime for the METEOR2 Workflow Management System (METEOR) 5/1997 Netscape/AOL souvik[at]netscape[dot]com
Chenye (David) Lin (Kochut) A Portable Graphic Workflow Designer (METEOR) 5/1997
Arun Murugan (Kochut) (METEOR)
William (Bill) LeBlanc (InfoHarness)
Xuzhoong (Richard) Wang (Miler) Implementation and Performance Evaluation of CORBA-based Centralized Workflow Schedulers 8/1995