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Atlanta Airport to Athens.
Driving Map to Hardman Hall from Athens Perimeter Road
UGA (LSDIS Lab, Botanical Gardens, Georgia Center, Parking Deck).


1. Basic information about AAA Shuttle service
2. AAA latest schedule

AAA Athens/Atlanta Express Inc. (To and From the Atlanta Airport)

Toll Free Tel No: 1-800- 354- 7874
Fare: $35.00 (one way)
Reservations 24 hrs before travel is recommended but not required. You may send them email.

From Alanta Airport to Downtown Athens

Total expected driving time: 90-100 minutes.
Driving Distance: ~80 miles.

1(A). From Atlanta Airport to Holiday Inn, Athens (Avoid this alternative at Atlanta rush hour time)

  • From airport, take 85 North to 316 East (University Parkway): ~ 30 miles;
  • Take Exit 41 right onto 316 East; take all the way to Athens: ~ 45 miles;
  • Continue on 316 until it narrows down to Epps Bridge Rd (right after the bridge).
  • Continue straight on Epps Bridge Rd until it dead ends into Atlanta Hwy (US 78).
  • Turn right onto Atlanta Hwy, and continue to downtown Athens.
  • Note: Atlanta Hwy changes into Broad St. The Holiday Inn is at the intersection of Hull and Broad Streets (on the right).
  • Note: If you see Lumpkin St, you have gone too far.
  • Note: To go to the LSDIS Lab directly, continue to Lumpkin, then see directions for item 2 below.

1(B). From Atlanta Airport to Holiday Inn, Athens (Preferred at Atlanta rush hour time)

  • From Airport, take 85 South, then 285 East (Don't take 285 South or North): ~18 miles
  • Take 20 East (toward Augusta) : 15+ miles
  • Take Exit 82, Rt. 138 East (turn left at the exit light) : ~15 miles
  • At the end of 138, take 78 North/East : ~25 miles
  • After you cross Rte. 316, Keep right where it says toward Athens.
  • Continue for about 10 minutes until you are at the start of downtown
    (78 will be called Atlanta Hwy, then you coninue straight on Broad Street).
  • Holiday Inn on the right before Lumpkin.
  • Note: To go to the LSDIS Lab directly, continue to Lumpkin, then see directions for item 2 below.

2. From Holiday Inn to South Parking Deck on UGA Campus near the LSDIS Lab

  • Continue on Broad heading East.
  • Turn Right on Lumpkin.
  • Left on Cedar.
  • Right on Sanford.
  • Park at the South Campus Parking Deck.
  • [Directions from the Deck to the Lab is given at the end.]

From Athens Airport to South Parking Deck on UGA Campus near the LSDIS Lab

  • 1. Coming out of the airport access road ( Airport Rd.) turn left onto Athens/Winterville Rd. Follow it to Lexington Hwy. (There will be a traffic light).
  • 2. Turn right onto Lexington Rd. (U.S. Hwy 78) follow it for a 1/4 mile or less. Right after you go under the overpass take a left turn at the traffic light onto Athens Bypass, GA 441 (right at the Waffle House). Go to the College Station Exit (the very next exit).
  • 3. Take a right onto the College Station Road. At the second traffic light turn right onto East Campus Rd.
  • 4. Follow East Campus Rd. to the next traffic light and turn left onto Carlton Street.
  • 5. Continue on Carlton Street until the 2nd traffic light, turn right onto Sanford Dr.
  • 6. Parking Deck will be a 1/4 mile or less on your left.

From South Parking Deck to LSDIS Lab (walking)

  • Go on the street opposite to the deck or the next street named Soule Street.
  • Go left at the next street (DW Brooks Drive).
  • The 2 story tall building at the corner of Soule St. and D.W. Brooks drive, with a Flagpole in the front of the building is
  • Hardman Hall.
  • Upon entering the building. take left stairs, and right door up the stairs (ring bell if the door is closed).
  • Amit Sheth is in 225 Hardman.
  • Budak Arpinar is in 226 Hardman.
  • Krys Kochut is in 227
  • John Miller is in 222A (take the back stairs for John)

April 21, 2003