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CSCI 8351 for Fall 2006.

This course starts with a rapid introduction to Web services and Web processes/workflows, including related technologies (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI). Then it looks at the emergence of Semantic Web Services (SWS) and Processes (SWP) in which semantics is used to enhance design, annotation, publication, discovery, composition, and execution of services and processes. With several large research projects world-wide, four specification on SWS (some submitted to the W3C) by many industry and academic institutions (OWL-S, WSMO, FLOWS, WSDL-S), several workshops and books, this area has seen a significant hot-bed of activities. This course will also prepare students for corresponding research in the LSDIS lab (see METEOR-Sand SemGrid projects. See Spring'04 version and a pointer to earlier courses to see the coverage in previous session. Spring '06 session will have the benefit of further research, tools, as well as pedagogical material including several books. We will use a Springer book Semantic Web Processes and Their Applications [J. Cardoso, A. Sheth] for this course.

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