CSCI 8351 for Fall 2006.

The class will meet at Hardman Hall on 3:30 PM ET TR and 3:30 Wednesday

Date Topic Discussed Presenter Name Summary Presentation Link
1-10-2006 Introduction to the course including grading testing and other details Amit Sheth See the course main page for a brief summary about the course N.A
1-11-2006 Semantic Web and Its Applications Amit Sheth Introduced the idea of semantic web, the extent and the impact of research in this area. Disscussion also introduced various applications of semantic web Get it here!
1-12-2006 Web Services: Why, What and How ? Amit Sheth The discussion was based on the paper by Francisco Curbera Et. Al. Few of the original innovators of the SOA model as it is widely used today, explain the concept of Web services, the motivation behind the design as it stands and its evolution. This paper is light on technicalities but provides a good introduction to the area of Web services Get it here!
1-17-2006 Services evolution Amit Sheth This discussion traced the evolution of distributed computing, the needs that led to innovations at the protocol stack as well as the application level. The growing need for more and dynamism is a catalyst to adding semantics at various levels. Popular services like Amazon and first movers in service consumption like ISEC, were discussed from the point of view of a service portal and service vortex. The vision of creating dynamic trading processes and the role of semantics in realizing the vision were also discussed. Get it here!
1-18-2006 Bare bones: Part 1 Amit Sheth SOAP was discussed in detail in this class. The advantages and the impact of XML based protocol was analyzed in the subsequent discussion Get it here!
1-19-2006 Bare bones: Part 2 Amit Sheth WSDL and the WS-Stack were the point of discussion. This also briefly introduced WSDL-S and the four types of semantics. Get it here!
1-24-2006 Getting them done: WS Infrastructure All about getting the various things needed, common pet peeves were discussed. Included were Axis 2, jUDDI, BPWS4J and Tomcat. Service deployment in axis 2 was introduced. Factory model was discussed in brief. Get it here!
1-25-2006 Industry see We looked at use cases from Polar Lake, one of the early adapters of SOA. The use cases outlined the need for addressing heterogeneities. We looked at the various heterogeneties mentioned. This laid the foundation for the next 2 lectures on Semantic annotation, Discovery and publication. Get it here!
1-26-2006 Semantic Annotation Guest Lecture: Meenakshi Nagarajan,Ph.D Student, LSDIS Lab The lecture focussed on semantic annotation of services, the four different types of semantics, data mediation, matching and mapping to address various kinds of heterogeneties and WSDL-S. Meena is one of the contributors of the WSDL-S submission to W3C. Get it here!
1-31-2006 Journey into the land of semantic discovery Amit Sheth Building on semantic annotations, this lecture explored using semantic annotations in service discovery. The lecture introduced UDDI in detail, adding semantics to UDDI, publishing services in UDDI and discovery. Semantic templates were also introduced. This was a foundation to the notion of dynamic binding. Get it here!
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