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Global Information Systems

CSCI 4350/6350 for Spring 2005.

Date Program
01/11/05 Introduction to the course and Presentation of William Ruh: The Business Value of the Semantic Web (ppt).
Part of the Web Of Meaning series of presentations at the 10th anniversary celebration of the W3C
01/12/05 Presentation of Hall, Brown: Core Web Programming, Introduction to XML (pdf, local copy).
01/18/05 Presentations on XPath, XQuery and XML parsers
01/19/05 A sample parser project for JBuilder can be found here.
01/20/05 Introduction to XML Pull Parsing.
Introduction to RDF.
Note: homework #1 due by midnight
01/25/05 Presentations on RDF.
01/26/05 Introduction to RSS (Presentation 1, Presentation 2).
02/07/05 Introduction to RDQL (PPT Presentation).
02/08/05 Metadata Overview (PPT Presentation).
02/09/05 (PPT Presentation).
02/10/05 Review (PPT Presentation).
02/22/05 OWL (PPT Presentation).
02/23/05 OWL and Protege (PPT Presentation).
03/01/05 Exam Questions and Web Services
03/03/05 Midterm
03/08/05 Midterm returned
03/09/05 BPEL
03/10/05 Project introduction
03/22/05 Presentations:
Benaiah - "Domain specific Markups and Metadata Models"
Debdatta - "Relationships at the heart of semantic Web: Modeling, Discovering and Exploiting Complex Semantic Relationships"
03/23/05 Presentation:
Vincent - "Semantic Discovery"
03/24/05 Presentations:
Zixin - "Semantic Annotation of Web Services"
Reiman - "METEOR-S: Semantic Web Services and Processes"
03/29/05 Presentations:
Ravi - "Ontology Visualization"


Homework Assignments

Assignment #2, due Tuesday, 02/15/05

Paper presentation

These are some example topics for the paper presentations. Feel free to suggest a different topic or a different paper from one of the topics.