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Semantic Web

CSCI 8350 for Fall 2005.


Some say Semantic Web will be bigger than WWW. Some consider it to be the next generation of the Web. So what is all the excitement about? What is Semantic Web? Will semantics change the Web forever? Why and how? What are the underpinnings of Semantic Technology? How can Semantic Technology revolutionize how we use web to find and organize information, or conduct business? How can semantics enable next generation data and application interoperability and integration? Will it? What can you get by empowering Web services with semantics? What are Semantic Web Processes? What are research challenges? Are businesses taking notice of it? Will semantics bring new generation of Content Management, will it revolutionize text analytics or content analytics?

This is an advanced course involving topics in Internet/WWW, Database Management, Information Systems, Information Retrieval and and other related fields.

Prerequisite for this course is practical skills in database management, good programming skills, and exposure to basic Internet technologies (html, http, scripting, Web servers, etc.).  Follow-on courses to this course (that can prepare a student for research in the LSDIS lab) include Advance Databases, Networked Information Systems, Global Information Systems and Semantic Enterprise

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Previous versions of this course: Fall 2004, Fall 2003, Spring 2002.