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Semantic Web

CSCI 8350 for Fall 2005.

Course Syllabus


  • Project 30%
    • Typically 3 member group.
    • Select one from list we supply or create your own
    • Timeline
      • Form groups and select general topic: first 4 weeks
      • Formal Proposal first month and a half
      • Agreed-upon concrete set of deliverables Midpoint
      • Report and demo last week of class
  • Midterm 25%
    • Will be based on a fixed set of papers chosen from the reading list
    • Questions will be directly from these papers or from direct pertinent references in these papers
  • Homework and Quizes 25%
    • 2 Reviews of seminal and fundamental papers to be presented in class
      • Guidelines for how to do a review is to be handed out before first review is assigned
      • Reviews will be discussed in class with each person requiring to come prepared to class and contribute to the discussion.
    • Small programming / tool demo projects
      • For example, create an ontology in protege and export it to OWL or RDFS.
  • Presentations 10%
    • 1 presentation about a topic from a general topic/paper list which will be provided on the course page worth 10%
    • 1 presentation relating to the topic on which your project is based (literature survey) since there will be a substantial amount of literature survey papers for this should be relatively easy to find. worth 5%
  • Attendance and Participation 10% 
    • 1 mark will be subtracted for each absence not related to emergency or significant health reason
    • 0.5 marks will be deducted for each time you come to class after 10 minutes)


Lecture Plan

Overall Objective