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Semantic Web

CSCI 8350 for Fall 2005.

Week Reading/Reference

08/16/05 - 08/18/05 Introduction

08/23/05 - 08/25/05 The Semantic Web Scientific American Paper by Tim Berners Lee et all
The Semantic Web Activity Statement
As we may think by Vannevar Bush
An overview and underview of the Semantic Web by Tim Finnin
Presentation presented by Cartic Ramakrishnan

08/30/05 - 09/02/05 RDF Primer
Presentation presented by Matt Perry

09/06/05 - 09/08/05 RQL: A Declarative Query Language for RDF by Gregory Karvounarakis et al.
RDQL: A Query Language For RDF by Andrew Seaborne
The SeRQL Query Language by Jeen Boekstra et al.
A Comparison of RDF Query Languages by Peter Haase et al.

09/13/05 - 09/15/05 Ontology Development 101: A Guide to Creating your First Ontology by Natalya F. Noy and Deborah L. McGuinness
Presentation on Metadata presented by Amit Sheth
Presentation on Ontologies presented by Angela Maduko
Presentation on techniques for determing similarity of concepts presented by Angela Maduko

09/20/05 - 09/22/05 Peer-To-Peer Information Retrieval Using SelfOrganizing Semantic Overlay Networks by Chunqiang Tang et al, to be presented by Douglas Brewer
Ontology-based Information Visualization by Christiaan Fluit et al, to be presented by Amit Matthew

09/27/05 - 09/29/05 Information Retrieval on the Semantic Web by Urvi Shah et al, to be presented by Pablo Mendes
Swoogle: A Search and Metadata Engine for the Semantic Web by Li Ding et al
SemTag and Seeker: Bootstrapping the Semantic Web via Automated Semantic Annotation by Stephen Dill et al, to be presented by Ravi Pavagada
Semantic Enhancement Engine: A Modular Document Enhancement Platform for Semantic Applications over Heterogeneous Content by Brian Hammond et al.

10/04/05 - 10/06/05 On Labeling Schemes for the Semantic Web by Vassilis Christophides et al, to be presented by Scott Watterson
Index Structures and Algorithms for Querying Distributed RDF Repositories by Heiner Stuckenschmidt et al
An Indexing Scheme for RDF and RDF Schema based on Suffix Arrays by Akiyoshi Matono et al

10/11/05 - 10/13/05 Context-mediated Behaviour for Intelligent Agents by Roy Turner, to be presented by Zixin Wu
Learning Sub-structures of Document Semantic Graphs for Document Summarization by Jure Leskovec et al
Towards the Self-Annotating Web by Philipp Cimiano et al, to be presented by Haibo Zhao