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Upcoming Workshops and Conferences chaired by or organized by LSDIS lab researchers:

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September 2007
Prof. Sheth will co-edit a special issue of IEEE Internet Computing on Semantics-based Knowledge Management SystemsPDF
February 2007
Prof. Amit Sheth will co-organize Dagstuhl Seminar on Autonomic Web Services, February 4-9, 2007.
January 2007
Prof. Amit Sheth starts his work as the LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar at the Wright State University in Dayton, OH, an endowed professor position funded by LexisNexis and the State of Ohio, and created as part of Ohio's Third Frontier initiative in the area of data integration and analysis. He also starts the Kno.e.sis Center focusing on knowledge, semantics and services that is housed on the 3rd floor of the new Joshi Center. The center is joined by several faculty at WSU College of Engineering and Computer Science and a number of PhD students.

December 2006
LSDIS is proud to have published in all major conferences in the Semantic Web and Web Services areas in 2006.
December 2006
LSDIS lab is pleased to have two papers accepted in ICSOC 2006 with an acceptance rate of less than 17%
November 2006
Prof. Sheth will give keynote/invited talks at two workshops associated with ISWC 2006: International workshop on Ontology Matching (OM-2006) and Semantic Sensor Networks.
November 2006
LSDIS lab is delighted to have three papers (two in the research track -23% acceptance rate, one Semantic Web in Use track- 33% acceptance rate) accepted for the 2006 International Semantic Web Conference that will be hosted in Athens, GA.
November 2006
LSDIS lab will be the host organization for the largest conference dealing with the Semantic Web: ISWC 2006. Prof. Arpinar is the local organization chair. Members of the lab will also help in organizing various workshops associated with the conference. A prototype for Semantic Annotation and Browsing has been developed for the ISWC 2006 conference website.
October 2006
Prof. Amit Sheth gives the keynote on "Semantic Web applications in Industry, Government, Health Care and Life Sciences," at the daytaOhio organized conference on "From Research to Reality," at the inauguration of the Joshi Research Center after at the Wright State University.
September 2006
Prof. Amit Sheth features on the list of h-index => 40.
September 2006
LSDIS is delighted to have three papers accepted for ICWS2006 (18% acceptance rate).
September 2006
Prof. Sheth will give a keynote talk at the 2nd Biennial Beta Conference, Eindhoven, NL.
September 2006
A useful index to characterize the scientific output of research, called index h, is defined as the number of papers with citation number higher or equal to h (paper by JE Hirsch). Prof. Sheth is on a list "The h Index for Computer Science" which give partial list of computer science researchers who each has h ~ 40 or higher.
September 2006
Prof. Sheth will give a plenary/keynote talk at the 2nd Biennial Beta Conference to be held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, September 14-15, 2006. The topic is: "Semantics to energize the full Services Spectrum: Ontological approach to better exploit services at technical and business levels."
September 2006
Prof. Amit Sheth will serve as a PC Co-Chair of the Forth International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM 2006), Vienna, Austria.
August 2006
"Semantic Web Services, Processes and Applications," a book co-edited by Prof. Jorge Cardoso and Prof. Sheth is published by Springer. It is being adopted in some courses, such as one taught by Dimka Karastoyanova in Univ. of Stuttgart's Frank Leymann's group.
July 2006
Prof. Prashant Doshi, along with Prof. Amit Sheth and Dr. Richard Goodwin (IBM) will organize Workshop on AI-Driven Technologies for Service Oriented Computing at Twenty First National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-06).
July 2006
LSDIS lab and CCRC published its two major open-source biomedical ontologies through the National Center for Biomedical Ontology (NCBO): GlycO and ProPreO.
July 2006
Prof. Amit Sheth serves on the Organization Committee of the International Workshop on Distributed Applications for B2B Integration (DABI 2006), to be held in conjunction with 26th ICDCS, Lisboa, Portugal, July 4-7, 2006.
June 2006
Tim O'Reilly's blog corrects factual errors related to our widely discussed paper that was nominated for the best paper award at WWW2006: check out .
June 2006
W3C launched a Working Group on Semantic Annotation of WSDL (SAWSDL) for which our joint UGA-IBM member submission to W3C on Web Service Semantics: WSDL-S provides the starting point. We are thrilled that our research is influencing the first likely recommendation in the area of Semantic Web Services. Prof. Sheth is a participant and Prof. Miller is expected to participate as an invited expert.
June 2006
Prof. Sheth will give an invited talk at the opening event of the Research School on Service-oriented Systems Engineering at the Hasso-Plattner-Institut, Potsdam, Germany, June 21-22, 2006.
May 2006
LSDIS lab students received multiple offers and invitations for summer internships from top organizations, including IBM Research (Almaden and TJ Watson), HP Labs (Palo Alto), Oracle, Amazon, CISCO, NLM, Avayya labs, and Symantec. The selections were: Cartic Ramakrishnan: IBM Almaden; Karthik Gomadam: IBM Watson; Kemafor Anyanwu, Angela Maduko and Meena Nagarajan: HP Labs; Satya S. Sahoo: NLM/NIH; Matt Perry: Oracle; Maciej Janik: Amazon, and Jon Lathem: Symantec. Additionally, Matthew Eavenson and Doug Brewer will do internships at the Athens Heart Center.
May 2006
Prof. Amit Sheth will give a talk on "Semantic Empowerment of Health Care and Life Science Applications," at the W3C Track at WWW2006, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. presentation
May 2006
LSDIS is thrilled to have three papers accepted for WWW 2006 -- one each from its SemDis, METEOR-S and Glycomics projects. This year's acceptance rate was 11%, making it perhaps the most competitive conference in its area. Even more importantly, two of these papers are nominated for best paper and best student paper, respectively ( This, along with Prof. Sheth's invited talk "Semantic empowerment of Health Care and Life Science Applications" and his participation at the World Wide Web Consortium's Advisory Committee meeting mark our department and its LSDIS lab as one of the most prominent organizations at this mega event.

Nominated for Best Paper (and identified as the best paper in the Semantic Web track) at the 15th World Wide Web Conference, Edinburg UK, May 2006: WWW2006
Semantic Analytics on Social Networks: Experiences in Addressing the Problem of Conflict of Interest Detection
Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Meenakshi Nagarajan, Cartic Ramakrishnan, Li Ding, Pranam Kolari, Amit P. Sheth, I. Budak Arpinar, Anupam Joshi, Tim Finin
LSDIS Lab, Dept. of Computer Science. University of Georgia, USA
Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering University of Maryland, USA

Nominated for Best Student Paper at the 15th World Wide Web Conference, Edinburg UK, WWW2006
Semantic WS-Agreement Partner Selection
Nicole Oldham, Kunal Verma, Amit Sheth, Farshad Hakimpour,
LSDIS Lab Computer Science University of Georgia, USA

April 2006
Prof. Lakshmish Ramaswamy and Prof. Amit Sheth are PC Co-chairs of the International Workshop on Semantics enabled Networks and Services (SeNS 2006), to be held in conjunction with the 22nd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE2006), April 3, 2006, Atlanta, GA.
April 2006
Prof. Arpinar and Prof. Tamer Ozsu (Toronto) as PC Co-chairs and Prof. Sheth as the General Chair will co-organize the Third International Workshop on Semantic Web and Databases (SWDB'06), April 8, 2006, Atlanta, GA.
March 2006
Prof. Sheth will give keynote at the AAAI Spring Symposium on Semantic Web meets eGovernment (SWEG'06), March 27-29, 2006, Stanford University, CA.
March 2006
LSDIS lab's collaboration with IBM resulted in a member submission "Web Services Semantics: WSDL-S" to the World Wide Web consortium (W3C).On March 21, 2006, W3C launched "Semantic Annotations for WSDL Working Group"which recognizes UGA-IBM submissions on WSDL-S as the input.
January 2006
Prof. Amit Sheth is elected as an IEEE fellow, effective January 2006, with the citation "for contributions to information integration and workflow management".The IEEE Grade of Fellow is conferred by the Board of Directors upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in any of the IEEE fields of interest. news@UGA news@OSU news@Khabar news@BITS

December 2005
Springer launches a new book series "Semantic Web and Beyond: Computing for Human Experience" which Prof. Amit Sheth will co-edit with Prof. Ramesh Jain. The first volume "Semantic Management of Middleware" is in print.
December 2005
Dr. Sheth and Kunal Verma are co-organizing International Workshop in Dynamic Web Processes (DWP, 2005) on December 12, 2005 with DERI's Chris Bussler and Michal Zaremba. It is being held in conjunction with Third International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2005).
November 5, 2005
WSDL-S , which is a Semantic Web Service Specification created jointly by LSDIS and IBM has been acknowledged as a W3C member submission
November 2005
Prof. Amit Sheth will be a panelist at the BISC 2005 panel on "FLINT and Semantic Web" on November 3, 2005, Berkeley, CA. Panel statement: Semantics for the Real World and the Natural World in the Model World
November 2005
Prof. Amit Sheth will be a featured speaker at the Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC) Special Event, Forging New Frontiers (Nov. 2-5, 2005). He will talk on: Semantics for Scientific Experiments and the Web - the implicit, the formal and the powerful.
Oct 15, 2005 - Dec 31, 2007
The National Science Foundation awarded "SemGrid: Semantic Discovery on Adaptive Services Grid," Principal Investigator, PI: Amit Sheth, Co-PIs: I.B. Arpinar, K. Kochut, J.A. Miller, Award # IIS 0545243, October 15, 2005 - December 31, 2007. This project involves collaboration between LSDIS's SemDis and METEOR-S projects, and the European Commission sponsored Adaptive Service Grid project.
October 2005
Prof. Amit Sheth talked about "Computing for Human Experience and Wellness" on the Views from the Labs panel at the Emerging Ventures Conference, Boston, MA, October 11, 2005. presentation
August 2005
Prof. Sheth will give an invited talk at the First International IFIP/WG 12.5 Working Conference on Industrial Applications of Semantic Web (IASW - 2005), Jyväskylä, Finland, August 25-27, 2005. Abstract, Paper
July 2005
Prof. Sheth will co-organize the 2nd International Workshop on Semantic and Dynamic Web Processes (SDWP 2005).
June 2005
Prof. Sheth will present a tutorial on Lifecycle of Semantic Web Processes with Jorge Cardoso and Chris Bussler at CAiSE 2005, Porto.
May 26-27, 2005
Satya S. Sahoo will present on "Semantic Web Services for N-glycosylation Process" (joint work with Amit P. Sheth, William S. York, John A. Miller) at the International Symposium on Web Services for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, VBI, Blacksburg, VA.
May 2005
The LSDIS lab is delighted to receive a $32,000 cash gift from the Athens Heart Center and welcomes it as our newest institutional sponsor. Dr. Subodh Agrawal's vision and insight that LSDIS's research into the Semantic Web and ontology-driven integration/analysis can be of significant value to healthcare, including cardiology practices, gets us energized to seek more impact from our research.
April 2005
LSDIS lab-UGA and IBM released a joint technical note on "Web Service Semantics -- WSDL-S" accessible from WSDL-S@LSDIS and IBM alphaworks. A presentation on this topic will be given by the WSDL-S team at the W3C Workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services in Innsbruch, June 2006.
April 2005
LSDIS lab is awarded phase II of project "An Ontological Approach to Financial Analysis & Monitoring" (Amit Sheth, PI; Budak Arpinar, Co-PI). UGA component of this phase award from ARDA (with CTA, Inc. as a partner) is $162,500. Expected total award amount if phase III is awarded is $325,000.
April 2005
Prof. Sheth will give the inaugural keynote at the First European Young Researchers Workshop on Service Oriented Computing, April 21-22 - 2005, Leicester , U.K
March 7-10, 2005
Prof. Sheth gave a featured talk on "Semantic Technology in the Real World: Experiences and Lessons based on Enterprise Semantic Applications" (Abstract, Presentation) and participated on a panel on the Future of Semantics at the Semantic Technology Conference, San Francisco, CA. An interview of Dr. Sheth appears in Apps Make Semantic Web a Reality, SDTimes, April 1, 2005.
March 1, 2005
Prof. Sheth will give a talk at UMBC eBiquity on 'Semantic Web Technology: Recent Successes and Research Challenges.'
January 2005
Profs. Amit Sheth and John Miller were once again awarded IBM Eclipse Innovation Grant (EIG) (a $27,000 cash gift) for their research related to the METEOR-S project. Details
January 2005
Paper from SemDis project (Anyanwu et al: "SemRank: Ranking Complex Relationship Search Results on the Semantic Web") is accepted in highly competitive WWW 2005 Semantic Web Research track.
January 2005
LSDIS has grown, making it among the largest academic research groups in the world in Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services areas. Spring 2005 roster includes 16 RAs and one full time staff.
January 2005
Prof. Sheth is EIC of Intl. Journal of Semantic Web & Information Systems; inagural issue in print. IJSWIS Brochure, IJSWIS Web Site

November 2004
Research Center report focusing on the LSDIS lab appears in SIGSEMIS bulletin.
November 15-18, 2004
Kunal Verma and Dr. Sheth presented a tutorial at ICSOC04 2nd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing in New York City, NY.
November 9, 2004
LSDIS Lab announces the release of METEOR-S v1.0, a tool for annotation, development, publication and discovery of semantic web services.
October 28, 2004
Prof. Sheth gave a talk on "Semantic Web Technology in Support of Bioinformatics for Glycan Expression," at the W3C Workshop on Semantic Web for Life Sciences, Cambridge, MA.
October 26-28, 2004
Prof. Sheth gave an invited talk "From Semantic Search & Integration to Analytics," at KMWorld/Intranets 2004, Santa Clara, CA
October 26, 2004
Prof. Sheth gave colloquium talk on "Semantics in the Semantic Web-the implicit, the formal and the powerful (with a few examples from Glycomics)," at Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC) Seminar, University of California-Berkeley
October 26, 2004
Prof. Sheth participated on a panel "Get Ready for Semantic Web," KMWorld/Intranets 2004, Santa Clara CA.
September 21, 2004
Prof. Amit Sheth is a co-organizer of Dagstuhl Seminar on Semantic Interoperability and Integration. Prof. Sheth gives a talk, "Semantic Technology in the Real World: Experiences and Lessons based on Commercialization of Academic Research & Industry Applications", while at the seminar.
September 16, 2004
Prof. Sheth gives talk, "Web Services to Semantic Web Process", while at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
September 14-18, 2004
Prof. Amit Sheth and Dr. Keith Jeffery 2004 IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2004), Shanghai, China
September 14, 2004
Prof. Sheth gives talk, "Semantic Web Technology in Action: From Search and Integration to Analytics", while at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China.
July 6-9, 2004
LSDIS lab PhD student Kunal Verma is a PC member of the First International Workshop on Semantic Web Services and Web Processes Composition (SWSWPC 2004), San Diego, California, USA
July 6-9, 2004
LSDIS paper to be presented: Kaarthik Sivashanmugam, Kunal Verma, Amit Sheth, "Discovery of Web Services in a Federated Registry Environment," at 2004 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2004), San Diego, California, USA
July 6-9, 2004
LSDIS paper to be presented: Budak Arpinar, Ruoyan Zhang, Boanerges Aleman-Meza, and Angela Maduko, "Ontology-Driven Web Services Composition," at IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC 2004), San Diego, California, USA
July 7, 2004
Kunal Verma and Prof. Amit Sheth presented the tutorial Service Oriented Architectures and Semantic Web Processes at the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2004), San Diego, California, USA
July 7, 2004
Two papers from CS Department, including a paper related to the METOER-S project were presented at the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS 2004), San Diego, California, USA
July 6, 2004
Prof. John Miller lead a panel at the First International Workshop on Semantic Web Services and Web Process Composition, San Diego, CA
July 6, 2004
Two papers related to the METEOR-S project were presented at the First International Workshop on Semantic Web Services and Web Process Composition, San Diego, CA
July 2004
Prof. Sheth's interview "Semantic technology is here to stay ...." appeared in the inaugural issue of SIGSEMIS bulletin.
June 20-24, 2004
LSDIS paper to be presented: Boanerges Aleman-Meza, Chris Halaschek, Amit Sheth, Budak Arpinar, and Gowtham Sannapareddy, "SWETO: Large-Scale Semantic Web Test-bed," at Intl. Workshop on Ontology in Action, Banff, Canada
May 17-22, 2004
LSDIS paper presented: A. Patil, S. Oundhakar, A. Sheth, K. Verma, METEOR-S Web service Annotation Framework, Semantic Web track at the World Wide Web Conference, May 2004, NY, NY
May 17, 2004
Jorge Cardoso (LSDIS alumni), Franscisco Curbera (IBM Watson) and Amit Sheth will present a tutorial on "Service Oriented Architectures and Semantic Web Processes" at 13th International World Wide Conference, NY, NY
May 10, 2004
Aleman-Meza, Gomadham and Verma have been selected for highly competitive and prized internships at IBM Almaden and TJ Watson research labs starting May 2004
April 23, 2004
Klemens B÷ehm visits us on April 23
April 2004
The first issue of SIGSEMIS Bulletin presents an interview with Professor Sheth on whide ranging issues related to the Semantic Web. Interview starts on page 14 of the bulletin. The same issue also has several items related to the LSDIS lab, including Chris Halaschek's thesis work and other courses.
March 29, 2004
Norway's best know DB researcher, Arne Solvberg visits us on March 29. Visit their research projects
February 2004
LSDIS lab is awarded 2004 IBM Eclipse Innovation Grant for the project titled: Integrating Teaching and Research for Semantic Web Processes.