Ontology Driven Information Systems in Action
(Capturing and Applying Existing Knowledge to Semantic Applications)

Invited talk,  Sharing the Knowledge- International CIDOC CRM Symposium, March 26-27, Washington, DC.

Amit Sheth

CTO, Semagix, Inc., Athens GA 30601

Director, Large Scale Distributed Information Systems Lab
Department of Computer Science,
University of Georgia
GA 30602


Ontology driven information systems are now becoming reality and first generation Semantic Web applications are being put in practice. We present some practical experiences and insights based on academic research (SCORE technology developed at the LSDIS lab, UGA) into commercial product (Freedom from Semagix, Inc), and its applications with real world challenges in achieving Semantic Enterprise Information Integration.  In particular, we review technique, tools and usage experiences involving:

u      Ontology creation and maintenance

u      Knowledge-based and other techniques for Automatic Classification

u      Ontology-driven Semantic Metadata Extraction/Annotation and Semantic Normalization

u      Utilizing semantic metadata and ontology for semantic querying/browsing/analysis as well as semantic information and application integration

A copy of the presentation is available at: http://demos.semagix.com/CIDOC_Presentation.pdf