Ontology-driven Information Integration and Analysis for
Semantic Applications in Business Intelligence and National Security


Amit Sheth, Semagix, Inc and LSDIS Lab, Univ. of Georgia


Invited Talk, Ontology and Semantic Web Technical Exchange Meeting, MITRE, McLean, VA, June 12-13, 2003


The first generation of ontology-driven information systems has made way in the market and is enabling the semantic integration of heterogeneous enterprise-wide and pan Web content. Semantic search, browsing and analysis are now a reality for useful scales, if not on the Web scale yet. 


We take the example of LSDIS Lab’s SCORE technology that was licensed, extended and commercialized as Semagix’s Freedom product, and its initial applications such as anti-money laundering and airline passenger threat assessment. Correspondingly, we remark on scalability and automation that such semantic technology has enabled to date, and review ongoing research in more complex semantic analysis of content for advanced applications in areas like knowledge discovery and early warning. From a practical perspective, we review the ability to create and maintain large domain and task ontologies, a classifier-committee based approach to automatic classification, automatic semantic metadata extraction and enhancement, and main-memory based semantic query processing and analytics. From a research perspective, we outline the shift from documents and entities to relationships (simple and complex). More background information. Slides: power point show, pdf


Speaker bio


Amit Sheth is a Professor at the University of Georgia (UGA) and CTO of Semagix, Inc.  He started the LSDIS lab at UGA in 1994. For nine years before that, he served in R&D groups at Bellcore, Unisys, and Honeywell.  In August 1999, Dr. Sheth founded Taalee, Inc., based on the technology developed at the LSDIS lab.  While on sabbatical from UGA, he managed Taalee as CEO until June 2001. Following Taalee's acquisition/merger, he currently serves as the CTO and a co-founder of Semagix, Inc.  His R&D has led to three significant commercial products, several deployed applications and over 150 publications. See: http://lsdis.cs.uga.ed/~amit and management bios at http://www.semagix.com