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Web Services

Glycomics: Stargate (Life Sciences Web Portal)

We propose to design and implement a pertinent platform, a Web portal Stargate with Web services underpinnings, as a gateway to the plethora of resources developed by biosciences research projects. This will afford the worldwide research community access, not only to the experimental data, but also various available tools. Web services are a platform independent framework to develop, deploy and integrate applications accessible via the World Wide Web. These Web services inherit the accessibility and flexibility features of all Web-based applications. Tools exposed as Web services can not only be invoked by users, independent of underlying platform constraints, but can also be integrated to form Web processes. Web processes, composed of multiple Web services, perform a task by utilizing the functionalities of each of the constituent Web services in a seamless manner.

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Stock Quotes related Use Cases and Semantic Annotation of Web Services:

The use cases include both real (i.e., real functioning services currently on the Web) and fictitious ones that we coded for testing purposes and used in some of our theses and publications.

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