Milestone (month ending)


Application requirements with emphasis on understanding types/classification of semantic associations, and types of knowledge discovery which is possible using semantic metadata

Initial study (12); revised study (24)


Testbed for using evaluating techniques (items 4 through 7) with open source data, involving metadata extraction, knowledge base creation using InfoQuilt tools for ontology creation

Testbed for 1-st round evaluation (12); testbed for 2-nd round evaluation (24)


Create scenarios in accordance to requirements (1) and set up the evaluation using our testbed (2)

Initial evaluation (18); final evaluation (36)


Research 2: Ontology-based Metadata Extraction

          Develop an automatic metadata extractor and document annotator based on ontological document classification

          Develop a lazy annotation mechanism where a document will be anchored to the target ontology, and the full meta-data will be dynamically materialized at the time it is needed

Model development (12); initial implementation and evaluation (18); extensions and final evaluation (36)


Research 4: Knowledge Discovery

          Develop a hybrid method incorporating traditional data mining techniques with semantic-based knowledge discovery and association identification methods (i.e., use knowledge base to drive knowledge discovery operations on the available meta-data)

          Develop knowledge discovery and data mining techniques on an interconnected set of concepts and relations (i.e., ontologies) and their instances in the knowledge base

Model development (12); implementation and initial evaluation (18); extensions final evaluation (30)