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TRAKS makes use ofW3C proposed recomendations of data representation with the goal of making available to the public our template matching algorithms. Someone that has already defined an ontology and has instance data is able to use TRAKS to detect certain scenarios of the data by defining one or more templates that capture the scenario, such as known money laundering operations, identity theft activities, terrorism planning, etc.

  In order to achieve this, the ontology is made available to TRAKS by indicating the URL the OWL file that describes it. We keep a local copy of the original ontology for efficiency purposes. More than one ontology can be uploaded to "match" a dataset and template because in the Demo you can select what ontology to use with a given dataset and template.

Ontologies Original URL Touchgraph Visualization
Sweto ontology v2.1 Sweto ontology v2.1
test_a test_a
test_2 test_2
sweto v1.0 sweto v1.0
sweto v2.2 sweto v2.2
test_1 test_1
ct_test ct_test
sweto_v2.3 sweto_v2.3
test, nov 3, 2004 test, nov 3, 2004
tap tap
entertainment entertainment
business business
entertainment entertainment
entertainment (again) entertainment (again)
Homeland Security Homeland Security
Homeland Security Homeland Security
HS_test HS_test
HS Test 2 HS Test 2
HS Test 3 HS Test 3
HS Test 4 HS Test 4
National Security National Security
test_1 test_1
test_2 test_2
test_3 test_3
sports_ontology_schema sports_ontology_schema
sports2 sports2
IA Need to Know 2 IA Need to Know 2
display_1 display_1
display_2 display_2
display_3 display_3

Upload a new ontology by providing the URL to retrieve it, and giving it a name to use in TRAKS web environment