Class: intramolecular_link

A link between two molecular_fragments in the same molecule. The class intramolecular_link includes links between moieties (e.g., the link between a glycan_moiety and a peptidemoiety), between residues (e.g., between a mannose residue and a GlcNAc residue) and between atoms (e.g., between C1 of a mannose residue and O4 of a GlcNAc residue. Links are thus hierarchical, and a higher-order link embodies the lower-order links that specify more structural detail.


Super Classes

covalently_links_to ONLY molecular_fragment
covalently_links_from ONLY molecular_fragment


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

covalent_bond, moiety_link, residue_link

Domain of

covalently_links_from, covalently_links_to, embodies_more_specific_link
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