Class: N-glycan

An N-glycan is an oligosaccharyl moiety that is linked to the delta nitrogen of an asparagine residue in a glycpeptide or glycoprotein. This class only includes the glycan part. When the N-glycan is released from its connection to the peptide, a free oligosaccharide is generated. The same N-glycan residues are used to define the free oligosaccharide (except a reducing residue must also be used), but the released oligosaccharide itself is no longer an N-glycan, it is of the class "oligosaccharide" a subclass of "free_glycan".


Super Classes

has_carbohydrate_residue SOME N-glycan_carbohydrate_residue


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

bisected_N-glycan, complex_N-glycan, high_mannose_N-glycan, hybrid_N-glycan, N-glyco_oligopeptide
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