Class: residue

A residue is a subunit of a polymer. For most biopolymers, hydrolysis breaks bonds between the residues to generate a collection of small molecules, such as amino acids, nucleotides, or monosaccharides, which are called residues in the context of the polymer which they constitute.


Super Classes

has_precursor EQ 0 owl:Thing
is_precursor_of EQ 0 owl:Thing
has_non-standard_residue EQ 0 owl:Thing
has_residue EQ 0 owl:Thing


Class Description/Definition (Necessary Conditions)

amino_acid_residue, carbohydrate_residue, D-residue, L-residue, non-standard_residue, nucleoside_base_residue, residue_link

Domain of

has_precursor_residue, is_precursor_residue_of, number_of_main_chain_carbons
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