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Lumina - Semantic Web Service Discovery


This work is a component of the METEOR-S project which deals with all aspects of a Semantic Web Service and Process lifecycle.


METEOR-S Discovery and Publish Engine: Kunal Verma

Modification of Discovery and Publish Engine, WSDL-S and WSDL files publish api, Lumina GUI: Ke Li

Upkeep and SAWSDL additions: Douglas Brewer


UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) plays an important role in the whole Web Service lifecycle. It is a bridge to link service providers with service consumers. UDDI versions 2 & 3 include three parts: Business Entity, Business Service and Technology Model (TModel). Service providers use the three elements to describe their service and company information. There are two problems existing for discovering services in the current Web Service environment : 1.There is no unified method to publish a WSDL file to UDDI, nor there is a unified way to discover a WSDL file; 2. Current syntactic searching mechanisms of UDDI can not handle the complexities of checking for data mapping between outputs and inputs among successive operations that belong to different services.


This project follows the WSDL-S/SAWSDL approach and provides semantic discovery, discovering web services with the required ontological concepts. It supplies a unified WSDL-S/SAWSDL to UDDI mapping structure which enables the user to discover the services based on the "operation" level. For example, the user can discover the specific operation by annotating the ontological concepts to the operation functional concepts, input variables or output variables. For convenience to the Web Service developer community, this project also supplies the traditional UDDI discovery based on: Business Entity, Business Service and TModel.

Mapping Structure from WSDL-S/SAWSDL to UDDI:


The Lumina's running environment is listed as the following:

  • Web Server: Tomcat 5.0.30
  • UDDI Registry Implementation: JUDDI 0.9
  • Registry Database: MySQL-4.1.12-win32
  • Java Compile Environment: JDK 1.5
  • test publisher information: user: testuser, psw: testuser

Lumina model part depends on the METEOR-S Discovery API, WSDLS4J and IBM UDDI4J.

Its View and Controler parts adopt the Eclipse Plugin techniques: Action, Editor, View, Perspective.