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Packages that use Expression

Uses of Expression in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api

Subinterfaces of Expression in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api
 interface BooleanExpr
 interface Branches
 interface Condition
 interface DeadlineExpression
 interface DurationExpression
 interface FinalCounterValue
 interface For
 interface From
           The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.
 interface RepeatEvery
 interface StartCounterValue
 interface To
           Java class for tTo complex type.

Uses of Expression in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl that implement Expression
 class BooleanExprImpl
 class BranchesImpl
 class ConditionImpl
 class DeadlineExpressionImpl
 class ExpressionImpl
 class FinalCounterValueImpl
 class ForImpl
 class FromImpl
 class RepeatEveryImpl
 class StartCounterValueImpl
 class ToImpl