Uses of Interface

Packages that use Query

Uses of Query in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api

Methods in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api that return Query
 Query BPELElementsBuilder.createQuery()
 Query To.getQuery()

Methods in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api with parameters of type Query
 void To.setQuery(Query query)
          Set new Query child.

Uses of Query in

Methods in with parameters of type Query
 void BpelModelVisitor.visit(Query query)
          Visit Query element.
 void BpelModelVisitorAdaptor.visit(Query query)
          Visit Query element.
 void EntityTypeNameVisitor.visit(Query query)

Uses of Query in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl that implement Query
 class QueryImpl

Methods in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl that return Query
 Query BpelBuilderImpl.createQuery()
 Query ToImpl.getQuery()

Methods in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl with parameters of type Query
 void ToImpl.setQuery(Query query)
 void SyncUpdateVisitor.visit(Query query)