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Packages that use ReferenceCollection

Uses of ReferenceCollection in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api

Subinterfaces of ReferenceCollection in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api
 interface BaseCorrelation
           Java class for tCorrelation complex type.
 interface Catch
           Java class for tCatch complex type.
 interface CompensateScope
 interface Correlation
 interface CorrelationSet
           Java class for tCorrelationSet complex type.
 interface From
           The following schema fragment specifies the expected content contained within this class.
 interface FromPart
 interface Invoke
           Java class for tInvoke complex type.
 interface LinkReference
 interface OnEvent
 interface OnMessage
           Java class for tOnMessage complex type.
 interface OnMessageCommon
 interface OperationReference
          It seems "operation" attribute should be String, not QName.
 interface PartnerLink
           Java class for tPartnerLink complex type.
 interface PartnerLinkReference
 interface PatternedCorrelation
           Java class for tCorrelationWithPattern complex type.
 interface PortTypeReference
 interface Receive
           Java class for tReceive complex type.
 interface Reply
           Java class for tReply complex type.
 interface Source
           Java class for tSource complex type.
 interface Target
          Java class for tTarget complex type.
 interface Throw
           Java class for tThrow complex type.
 interface To
           Java class for tTo complex type.
 interface ToPart
 interface Validate
 interface Variable
           Java class for tVariable complex type.
 interface VariableReference

Uses of ReferenceCollection in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl that implement ReferenceCollection
 class CatchImpl
 class CompensateScopeImpl
 class CorrelationImpl
 class CorrelationSetImpl
 class FromImpl
 class FromPartImpl
 class InvokeImpl
 class InvokeReceiveReplyCommonImpl
 class OnEventImpl
 class OnMessageCommonImpl
 class OnMessageImpl
 class PartnerLinkImpl
 class PatternedCorrelationImpl
 class ReceiveImpl
 class ReplyImpl
 class ReplyReceiveIntersectImpl
 class SourceImpl
 class TargetImpl
 class ThrowImpl
 class ToFromIntersectImpl
 class ToImpl
 class ToPartImpl
 class ValidateImpl
 class VariableImpl