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Packages that use InnerEventDispatcher

Uses of InnerEventDispatcher in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl that implement InnerEventDispatcher
 class ArraySetterService
          This special service dispatch ArrayUpdateEvent.
 class CookieCopierService
 class ExpressionConsistencyService
          This service is responsible for updating references in expression that represented by String.
 class ImportChangeHandlingService
          This service is developed for notifying clients of OM about possible changes in references.
 class NamespaceOptimizer
 class ReferenceIntegrityService
          This is service that reponsible for reference integrity in OM.
 class SetDeletedService
          This visitor marks elements that was lost in model that they are deleted.
 class SetInTreeService
          This service set flag isInTree for tree elements that was created when XML was just parsed in sync.
 class UIDCreationService
          This is unique id service.

Uses of InnerEventDispatcher in

Classes in that implement InnerEventDispatcher
 class CheckNameService
 class CheckQNameService
 class DefaultNameService
          This is service that dispatch BuildEvents.
 class DuplicateVariableDeclarationCheck
 class InnerEventDispatcherAdapter
          Adapter for InnerEventDispatcher interface.
 class MarkBuilderElement
 class ReferenceInitilizerService
          This service is used for initilizing references objects inside of ReferenceCollection Objects.
 class ResetBuilderElement
 class UniqueNameCheck