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Packages that use Referenceable

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api

Subinterfaces of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api
 interface Activity
           Java class for tActivity complex type.
 interface Assign
           Java class for tAssign complex type.
 interface BpelModel
          This interface is start point for BPEL model access.
 interface Catch
           Java class for tCatch complex type.
 interface Compensate
           Java class for tCompensate complex type.
 interface CompensateScope
 interface CompensationHandlerHolder
 interface CompositeActivity
 interface CorrelationSet
           Java class for tCorrelationSet complex type.
 interface Empty
           Java class for tEmpty complex type.
 interface Exit
           Java class for tTerminate complex type.
 interface ExtendableActivity
 interface ExtensionActivity
 interface Flow
           Java class for tFlow complex type.
 interface ForEach
 interface FromPart
 interface If
 interface Invoke
           Java class for tInvoke complex type.
 interface Link
           Java class for tLink complex type.
 interface MessageExchange
           <xsd:element name="messageExchange" type="tMessageExchange"/> <xsd:complexType name="tMessageExchange"> <xsd:complexContent> <xsd:extension base="tExtensibleElements"> <xsd:attribute name="name" type="xsd:NCName" use="required"/> </xsd:extension> </xsd:complexContent> </xsd:complexType>
 interface OnEvent
 interface PartnerLink
           Java class for tPartnerLink complex type.
 interface Pick
           Java class for tPick complex type.
 interface Receive
           Java class for tReceive complex type.
 interface RepeatUntil
 interface Reply
           Java class for tReply complex type.
 interface ReThrow
 interface Scope
           Java class for tScope complex type.
 interface Sequence
           Java class for tSequence complex type.
 interface Throw
           Java class for tThrow complex type.
 interface Validate
 interface Variable
           Java class for tVariable complex type.
 interface VariableDeclaration
 interface Wait
           Java class for tWait complex type.
 interface While
           Java class for tWhile complex type.

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api.references

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api.references with type parameters of type Referenceable
 interface Reference<T extends Referenceable>

Subinterfaces of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.api.references
 interface BpelReferenceable
          This is marker interface.

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl that implement Referenceable
 class ActivityImpl
 class AssignImpl
 class BpelModelImpl
 class CatchImpl
 class CompensateImpl
 class CompensateScopeImpl
 class CompositeActivityImpl
 class ConditionalActivity
 class CorrelationSetImpl
 class EmptyImpl
 class ExitImpl
 class ExtensionActivityImpl
 class FlowImpl
 class ForEachImpl
 class FromPartImpl
 class IfImpl
 class InvokeImpl
 class InvokeReceiveReplyCommonImpl
 class LinkImpl
 class MessageExchangeImpl
 class OnEventImpl
 class PartnerLinkImpl
 class PickImpl
 class ReceiveImpl
 class RepeatUntilImpl
 class ReplyImpl
 class ReplyReceiveIntersectImpl
 class ReThrowImpl
 class ScopeImpl
 class SequenceImpl
 class ThrowImpl
 class ValidateImpl
 class VariableImpl
 class WaitImpl
 class WhileImpl

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl.references

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.bpel.model.impl.references with type parameters of type Referenceable
(package private)  class AbstractReference<T extends Referenceable>

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model

Subinterfaces of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model
 interface Binding
 interface Fault
 interface Input
 interface Message
 interface NotificationOperation
          Represents notification operation type.
 interface OneWayOperation
          Represent one-way operation type
 interface Operation
 interface OperationParameter
 interface Output
 interface Part
          Represents a message part in the WSDL document
 interface Port
 interface PortType
 interface ReferenceableExtensibilityElement
 interface ReferenceableWSDLComponent
 interface RequestResponseOperation
          Represents request-response operation type.
 interface Service
 interface SolicitResponseOperation
          Represents solicit-response operation type.

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model that implement Referenceable
 class WSDLModel

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model.extensions.bpel

Subinterfaces of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model.extensions.bpel
 interface CorrelationProperty
 interface PartnerLinkType
 interface Role

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model.extensions.bpel.impl

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model.extensions.bpel.impl that implement Referenceable
 class CorrelationPropertyImpl
 class PartnerLinkTypeImpl
 class RoleImpl

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model.impl

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.xml.wsdl.model.impl that implement Referenceable
 class BindingImpl
 class FaultImpl
 class InputImpl
 class MessageImpl
 class NotificationOperationImpl
 class OneWayOperationImpl
 class OperationImpl
 class OperationParameterImpl
 class OutputImpl
 class PartImpl
 class PortImpl
 class PortTypeImpl
 class RequestResponseOperationImpl
 class ServiceImpl
 class SolicitResponseOperationImpl
 class WSDLModelImpl

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam with type parameters of type Referenceable
 class AbstractReference<T extends Referenceable>
          Represents reference to a component.
 interface Reference<T extends Referenceable>
          Represents reference to a component.

Subinterfaces of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam
 interface Model<C extends Component<C>>
          Interface describing an abstract model.
 interface NamedReferenceable<T extends Component>
          Interface representing a component that can be referenced globally

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam that implement Referenceable
 class AbstractModel<T extends Component<T>>

Uses of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam.dom

Subinterfaces of Referenceable in org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam.dom
 interface DocumentModel<C extends DocumentComponent<C>>
          Interface describing an abstract model.

Classes in org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam.dom that implement Referenceable
 class AbstractDocumentModel<T extends DocumentComponent<T>>