Package org.netbeans.modules.xml.xam

Interface Summary
Component<C extends Component> A component in model.
ComponentListener A component listener provides a coarse-grained event stream based on values or children of the source.
ComponentUpdater<C extends Component> Updater for children list of a component.
ComponentUpdater.Query<C extends Component> Provide capability to query for updatability.
EmbeddableRoot A root component which could be embedded into a foreign domain model.
Model<C extends Component<C>> Interface describing an abstract model.
Nameable<T extends Component>  
Named<T extends Component>  
NamedReferenceable<T extends Component> Interface representing a component that can be referenced globally
Reference<T extends Referenceable> Represents reference to a component.
Referenceable Interface representing a component or model that can be referenced.

Class Summary
AbstractComponent<C extends Component<C>>  
AbstractModel<T extends Component<T>>  
AbstractModelFactory<M extends Model>  
AbstractReference<T extends Referenceable> Represents reference to a component.
ModelAccess Access to the underlying structure of the model.
ModelSource This is the class that encapsulates the physical file for each model.

Enum Summary
Model.State State of the model.