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Packages that use ServiceType
org.openide Provides ErrorManager - the central place for logging and reproting failures in NetBeans based system. 

Uses of ServiceType in org.openide

Methods in org.openide with type parameters of type ServiceType
<T extends ServiceType>
java.util.Enumeration<T><T> clazz)
          Deprecated. Get all available services that are assignable to the given superclass.

Methods in org.openide that return ServiceType
 ServiceType ServiceType.createClone()
          Deprecated. Service instance files should instead be copied in order to clone them.
 ServiceType ServiceType.Registry.find(java.lang.Class clazz)
          Deprecated. Just use lookup.
 ServiceType ServiceType.Registry.find(java.lang.String name)
          Deprecated. Find a service type of a supplied name in the registry.
 ServiceType ServiceType.Handle.getServiceType()
          Deprecated. Find the service for this handle.

Methods in org.openide that return types with arguments of type ServiceType
abstract  java.util.Enumeration<ServiceType>
          Deprecated. Get all available services managed by the engine.

Constructors in org.openide with parameters of type ServiceType
ServiceType.Handle(ServiceType ex)
          Deprecated. Create a new handle for an service.