Interface ContextGlobalProvider

public interface ContextGlobalProvider

An interface that can be registered in a lookup by subsystems wish to provide a global context actions should react to. The global context is accessible via Utilities.actionsGlobalContext() method and is expected to contain similar content as the context used when context aware actions (see ContextAwareAction) are being manipulated for example via method Utilities.actionsToPopup(javax.swing.Action[], org.openide.util.Lookup), so in current state it is reasonable to put there all currently active Node, their cookies and ActionMap. By default this interface is implemented by window system to delegate to currently activated TopComponent's lookup.

Jaroslav Tulach

Method Summary
 Lookup createGlobalContext()
          Creates the context in form of Lookup.

Method Detail


Lookup createGlobalContext()
Creates the context in form of Lookup.

the context