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Packages that use HelpCtx
org.openide Provides ErrorManager - the central place for logging and reproting failures in NetBeans based system. 
org.openide.util A set of utility classes covering a few general infrastructure points in the Open APIs. 
org.openide.util.actions There are several types of standard actions that should be used for many user interactions within NetBeans. 
org.openide.util.datatransfer NetBeans uses special extensions to data transfer. 

Uses of HelpCtx in org.openide

Methods in org.openide that return HelpCtx
abstract  HelpCtx ServiceType.getHelpCtx()
          Deprecated. Get context help for this service type.

Uses of HelpCtx in org.openide.util

Fields in org.openide.util declared as HelpCtx
static HelpCtx HelpCtx.DEFAULT_HELP
          Default help page.

Methods in org.openide.util that return HelpCtx
static HelpCtx HelpCtx.findHelp(java.awt.Component comp)
          Find the help ID for a component.
static HelpCtx HelpCtx.findHelp(java.lang.Object instance)
          Finds help context for a generic object.
 HelpCtx HelpCtx.Provider.getHelpCtx()
          Get the HelpCtx associated with implementing object.

Uses of HelpCtx in org.openide.util.actions

Methods in org.openide.util.actions that return HelpCtx
abstract  HelpCtx SystemAction.getHelpCtx()
          Get a help context for the action.

Uses of HelpCtx in org.openide.util.datatransfer

Methods in org.openide.util.datatransfer that return HelpCtx
 HelpCtx NewType.getHelpCtx()
          Help context for the creation action.
 HelpCtx PasteType.getHelpCtx()
          Help content for the action.