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Packages that use Lookup.Result
org.openide.util A set of utility classes covering a few general infrastructure points in the Open APIs. 
org.openide.util.lookup Support classes for the Registration and Lookup extension mechanism. 

Uses of Lookup.Result in org.openide.util

Methods in org.openide.util that return Lookup.Result
<T> Lookup.Result<T>
Lookup.lookup(Lookup.Template<T> template)
          The general lookup method.
<T> Lookup.Result<T>
Lookup.lookupResult(java.lang.Class<T> clazz)
          Find a result corresponding to a given class.

Constructors in org.openide.util with parameters of type Lookup.Result
LookupEvent(Lookup.Result source)
          Create a new lookup event.

Uses of Lookup.Result in org.openide.util.lookup

Subclasses of Lookup.Result in org.openide.util.lookup
(package private) static class AbstractLookup.R<T>
          Result based on one instance returned.
(package private)  class WaitableResult<T>
          A special subclass of lookup that is able to wait before queries.

Methods in org.openide.util.lookup that return Lookup.Result
<T> Lookup.Result<T>
AbstractLookup.lookup(Lookup.Template<T> template)
<T> Lookup.Result<T>
ExcludingLookup.lookup(Lookup.Template<T> template)
<T> Lookup.Result<T>
ProxyLookup.lookup(Lookup.Template<T> template)
<T> Lookup.Result<T>
SimpleLookup.lookup(Lookup.Template<T> template)
<T> Lookup.Result<T>
SimpleProxyLookup.lookup(Lookup.Template<T> template)