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Packages that use LookupEvent
org.openide.util A set of utility classes covering a few general infrastructure points in the Open APIs. 
org.openide.util.lookup Support classes for the Registration and Lookup extension mechanism. 

Uses of LookupEvent in org.openide.util

Methods in org.openide.util with parameters of type LookupEvent
 void LookupListener.resultChanged(LookupEvent ev)
          A change in lookup occured.

Uses of LookupEvent in org.openide.util.lookup

Methods in org.openide.util.lookup with parameters of type LookupEvent
(package private) static void AbstractLookup.notifyListeners(java.lang.Object[] listeners, LookupEvent ev, java.util.Collection<java.lang.Object> evAndListeners)
          Call resultChanged on all listeners.