Class MetaInfServicesLookup

  extended by org.openide.util.Lookup
      extended by org.openide.util.lookup.AbstractLookup
          extended by org.openide.util.lookup.MetaInfServicesLookup
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final class MetaInfServicesLookup
extends AbstractLookup

A lookup that implements the JDK1.3 JAR services mechanism and delegates to META-INF/services/name.of.class files.

It is not dynamic - so if you need to change the classloader or JARs, wrap it in a ProxyLookup and change the delegate when necessary. Existing instances will be kept if the implementation classes are unchanged, so there is "stability" in doing this provided some parent loaders are the same as the previous ones.

If this is to be made public, please move it to the org.openide.util.lookup package; currently used by the core via reflection, until it is needed some other way.

Jaroslav Tulach, Jesse Glick
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Lookup.Provider, Lookup.Result<T>, Lookup.Template<T>
Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
MetaInfServicesLookup(java.lang.ClassLoader loader, java.lang.String prefix)
          Create a lookup reading from a specified classloader.
Method Summary
protected  void beforeLookup(Lookup.Template t)
          Notifies subclasses that a query is about to be processed.
 java.lang.String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public MetaInfServicesLookup(java.lang.ClassLoader loader,
                             java.lang.String prefix)
Create a lookup reading from a specified classloader.

Method Detail


public java.lang.String toString()
toString in class AbstractLookup


protected final void beforeLookup(Lookup.Template t)
Description copied from class: AbstractLookup
Notifies subclasses that a query is about to be processed.

beforeLookup in class AbstractLookup
t - the template