Uses of Interface

Packages that use AbstractLookup.Storage
org.openide.util.lookup Support classes for the Registration and Lookup extension mechanism. 

Uses of AbstractLookup.Storage in org.openide.util.lookup

Classes in org.openide.util.lookup that implement AbstractLookup.Storage
(package private)  class ArrayStorage
          ArrayStorage of Pairs from AbstractLookup.
(package private)  class DelegatingStorage<Transaction>
          Storages that can switch between another storages.
(package private)  class InheritanceTree
          A tree to represent classes with inheritance.

Methods in org.openide.util.lookup that return AbstractLookup.Storage
 AbstractLookup.Storage<Transaction> DelegatingStorage.exitDelegate()
          Exits from the owners ship of the storage.

Methods in org.openide.util.lookup with parameters of type AbstractLookup.Storage
 void AbstractLookup.ReferenceToResult.cloneList(AbstractLookup.Storage<?> storage)
          Clones the reference list to given Storage.
static boolean DelegatingStorage.isSimple(AbstractLookup.Storage s)
          Checks whether we have simple behaviour or complex.
(package private)  void AbstractLookup.Pair.setIndex(AbstractLookup.Storage<?> tree, int x)

Constructors in org.openide.util.lookup with parameters of type AbstractLookup.Storage
AbstractLookup(AbstractLookup.Content content, AbstractLookup.Storage<?> storage)
          Constructor for testing purposes that allows specification of storage as mechanism as well.
DelegatingStorage(AbstractLookup.Storage<Transaction> d)