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Packages that use AbstractLookup
org.openide.util.lookup Support classes for the Registration and Lookup extension mechanism. 

Uses of AbstractLookup in org.openide.util.lookup

Subclasses of AbstractLookup in org.openide.util.lookup
(package private)  class MetaInfServicesLookup
          A lookup that implements the JDK1.3 JAR services mechanism and delegates to META-INF/services/name.of.class files.

Fields in org.openide.util.lookup declared as AbstractLookup
 AbstractLookup AbstractLookup.ReferenceToResult.lookup
          the lookup we are attached to

Methods in org.openide.util.lookup with parameters of type AbstractLookup
(package private)  void AbstractLookup.Content.attach(AbstractLookup al)
          A lookup attaches to this object.
 void AbstractLookup.ISE.recover(AbstractLookup lookup)
          Executes the jobs outside, and then inside a locked session.