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Packages that use ArrayStorage.Transaction
org.openide.util.lookup Support classes for the Registration and Lookup extension mechanism. 

Uses of ArrayStorage.Transaction in org.openide.util.lookup

Methods in org.openide.util.lookup that return ArrayStorage.Transaction
 ArrayStorage.Transaction ArrayStorage.beginTransaction(int ensure)
          We use a hash set of all modified Pair to handle the transaction

Methods in org.openide.util.lookup with parameters of type ArrayStorage.Transaction
 boolean ArrayStorage.add(AbstractLookup.Pair<?> item, ArrayStorage.Transaction changed)
          Adds an item into the tree.
 void ArrayStorage.endTransaction(ArrayStorage.Transaction changed, java.util.Set<AbstractLookup.R> modified)
          Extract all results.
 void ArrayStorage.remove(AbstractLookup.Pair item, ArrayStorage.Transaction changed)
          Removes an item.
 void ArrayStorage.retainAll(java.util.Map retain, ArrayStorage.Transaction changed)
          Removes all items that are not present in the provided collection.