Package org.openide.util.lookup

Support classes for the Registration and Lookup extension mechanism.


Interface Summary
AbstractLookup.ISE.Job A job to be executed partially outside and partially inside the storage lock.
AbstractLookup.Storage<Transaction> Storage to keep the internal structure of Pairs and to answer different queries.
InstanceContent.Convertor<T,R> Convertor postpones an instantiation of an object.

Class Summary
AbstractLookup Implementation of the lookup from OpenAPIs that is based on the introduction of Item.
AbstractLookup.Content A class that can be used by the creator of the AbstractLookup to control its content.
AbstractLookup.Info Just a holder for index & modified values.
AbstractLookup.Pair<T> Extension to the default lookup item that offers additional information for the data structures use in AbstractLookup
AbstractLookup.R<T> Result based on one instance returned.
AbstractLookup.ReferenceIterator Supporting class to iterate over linked list of ReferenceToResult Use:
AbstractLookup.ReferenceToResult<T> Reference to a result R
ALPairComparator Implementation of comparator for AbstractLookup.Pair
ArrayStorage ArrayStorage of Pairs from AbstractLookup.
ArrayStorage.Transaction HashSet with additional field for new array which is callocated in case we are doing replace to hold all new items.
DelegatingStorage<Transaction> Storages that can switch between another storages.
ExcludingLookup Allows exclusion of certain instances from lookup.
InheritanceTree A tree to represent classes with inheritance.
InheritanceTree.Node Node in the tree.
InstanceContent A special content implementation that can be passed to AbstractLookup and provides methods for registration of instances and lazy instances.
InstanceContent.ConvertingItem<T,R> Instance of one item registered in the map.
InstanceContent.SimpleItem<T> Instance of one item representing an object.
Lookups Static factory methods for creating common lookup implementations.
MetaInfServicesLookup A lookup that implements the JDK1.3 JAR services mechanism and delegates to META-INF/services/name.of.class files.
ProxyLookup Implementation of lookup that can delegate to others.
SimpleLookup Simple lookup implementation.
SimpleProxyLookup Simple proxy lookup.
WaitableResult<T> A special subclass of lookup that is able to wait before queries.

Exception Summary
AbstractLookup.ISE Signals that a lookup is being modified from a lookup query.

Package org.openide.util.lookup Description

Support classes for the Registration and Lookup extension mechanism. Read more: Lookup Library