Package org.openide.util

A set of utility classes covering a few general infrastructure points in the Open APIs.


Interface Summary
AsyncGUIJob Service provider interface (SPI) for executing of time consuming task which results are visible in UI.
Cancellable Service provider interface (SPI) for adding cancel support to various jobs.
ContextAwareAction Interface to be implemented by an action whose behavior is dependent on some context.
ContextGlobalProvider An interface that can be registered in a lookup by subsystems wish to provide a global context actions should react to.
Enumerations.Processor<T,R> Processor interface that can filter out objects from the enumeration, change them or add aditional objects to the end of the current enumeration.
HelpCtx.Provider An object implementing this interface is willing to answer the HelpCtx.findHelp() query itself.
Lookup.Provider Objects implementing interface Lookup.Provider are capable of and willing to provide a lookup (usually bound to the object).
LookupListener General listener for changes in lookup.
Mutex.Action<T> Action to be executed in a mutex without throwing any checked exceptions.
Mutex.ExceptionAction<T> Action to be executed in a mutex, possibly throwing checked exceptions.
NbBundle.ClassLoaderFinder Deprecated. Useless.
TaskListener Listener which can be notifies when a task finishes.
Utilities.RE Interfaces for communication between Utilities.translate and regular expression impl.

Class Summary
AsyncInitSupport Performance helper class, allows to run post-init task for given component.
ChangeSupport A simple equivalent of PropertyChangeSupport for ChangeListeners.
Enumerations Factory methods for various types of Enumeration.
Exceptions Useful utility and methods to work with exceptions as described in detail in the NetBeans logging guide.
HelpCtx Provides help for any window or other feature in the system.
IconManager Registers all loaded images into the AbstractNode, so nothing is loaded twice.
Lookup A general registry permitting clients to find instances of services (implementation of a given interface).
Lookup.Item<T> A single item in a lookup result.
Lookup.Result<T> Result of a lookup request.
Lookup.Template<T> Template defining a pattern to filter instances by.
LookupEvent An event describing the change in the lookup's result.
MapFormat A text format similar to MessageFormat but using string rather than numeric keys.
Mutex Read-many/write-one lock.
Mutex.Privileged Provides access to Mutex's internal methods.
NbBundle Convenience class permitting easy loading of localized resources of various sorts.
NbBundle.DebugLoader Classloader whose special trick is inserting debug information into any *.properties files it loads.
NbBundle.DebugLoader.DebugInputStream Wrapper input stream which parses the text as it goes and adds annotations.
NbCollections Utilities for working with generics.
NbPreferences Provides an implementation of the Preferences API which may be backed by a NetBeans-specific implementation.
Parameters Utilities for checking the values of method parameters.
Queue<T> Deprecated. Use BlockingQueue instead.
RE13 Implementation of translate regular expression methods.
RequestProcessor Request processor that is capable to execute requests in dedicated threads.
SharedClassObject Shared object that allows different instances of the same class to share common data.
SharedClassObject.DataEntry The inner class that encapsulates the shared data together with a reference counter
SharedClassObject.WriteReplace Class that is used as default write replace.
Task A task that may be executed in a separate thread and permits examination of its status.
TimedSoftReference<T> A soft reference which is held strongly for a while after last access.
Union2<First,Second> A union type which can contain one of two kinds of objects.
Utilities Otherwise uncategorized useful static methods.
UtilitiesCompositeActionMap ActionMap that is composed from all Components up to the ExplorerManager.Provider
WeakListenerImpl A listener wrapper that delegates to another listener but hold only weak reference to it, so it does not prevent it to be finalized.
WeakListenerImpl.Change Weak swing change listener.
WeakListenerImpl.Document Weak document modifications listener.
WeakListenerImpl.Focus Weak version of focus listener.
WeakListenerImpl.PropertyChange Weak property change listener
WeakListenerImpl.VetoableChange Weak vetoable change listener
WeakListeners A generic weak listener factory.
WeakSet<E> Set which holds its members by using of WeakReferences.
WeakSet.Entry<E> Entries of this set

Exception Summary
MutexException Encapsulates other exceptions thrown from a mutex method.
NotImplementedException Should be thrown when a feature is not implemented.
TopologicalSortException Exception that signals that a topological sort failed due to unsortable nature of the graph and that provides support for reporting and recovering from that state.
UserCancelException Exception that is thrown when user cancels interaction so the requested result cannot be produced.
UserQuestionException Exception that is thrown when the process is about to perform some action that requires user confirmation.
Utilities.UnorderableException Deprecated. Used only by the deprecated partialSort

Package org.openide.util Description

A set of utility classes covering a few general infrastructure points in the Open APIs.