Radiant Downloads
Radiant Eclipse Update Site

Update site Installation Instructions:
    The update site uses the typical Eclipse Update Site installtion.
      1. Start the Eclipse Workbench.
      2. Open the 'Help' menu.
      3. Open the 'Software Updates' submenu
      4. Select 'Find and Install'
      5. Select the 'Search for new features to install' radio button and click next
      6. Click 'New Remote Site'
          6.1 Enter "http://lsdis.cs.uga.edu/Radiant/UpdateSite" without the quotes in the URL box.
          6.2 Enter "Radiant" without quotes for the name field.
      7. Make sure there is a check in the box next to Radiant and click next.
      8. Click Finish.
      9. When the new dialog box opens, put a check next to Radiant and click next.
    10. Select the 'I accept terms in the license agreement' radio button and click next.
    11. Then follow any onscreen dialogs and the plugin will be installed.