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Radiant: WSDL-S/SAWSDL Annotation Tool

Version Download User Guide System Requirements Date Downloads
0.9.4beta Download Page User Guide RoboDemo Eclipse 3.2 and Java 1.5 5/29/2007

Radiant Eclipse Plugin


  •   The Radiant plugin provides a UI for annotating existing WSDL documents into WSDL-S or SAWSDL via an OWL Ontology.  
  •   Radiant comes with an ontology viewer based on the UMBC's Cobra Ontology Viewer.
  •   NEW: Publishing has been added to Radiant. We recommend jUDDI for use with the publishing feature, though other UDDI Registries may work.
  •   We invite feedback please email comments and suggestions to Doug Brewer or post them at the forum.
  •   Screen Shot: Radiant Picture
  •   WSDL-S Use Cases
  • Paper:
    Radiant: A tool for semantic annotation of Web Services Karthik Gomadam, Kunal Verma, Douglas Brewer, Amit P.Sheth, John A. Miller 4th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2005) Galway, Ireland., pp- (to appear)