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MWSAF: METEOR-S Web Service Annotation Framework

Applying Semantics in Annotation


MWSAF can be downloaded as a ZIP file. The ZIP file contains the source code for MWSAF. It also includes the required third party JAR files and some annotated WSDL files. API documentation can also be downloaded as a seperate ZIP file from this page. For the installation and configuration instructions and how to use MWSAF, please refer to the User's Guide. We have included some sample ontologies and WSDL files

File Documentation

* The MWSAF User's Guide is not included in the ZIP file and should be downloaded seperately.

The following table lists some Annotated WSDLs created using MWSAF. It also lists the original WSDL file and Ontologies used for annotation.

Domain WSDL Ontology Annotated WSDL

Providing Feedback and Obtaining Technical Support

If you have questions or comments about working with MWSAF, or if you discover any bugs, please post a message on METEOR-S visitor forum

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DISCLAIMER: The code is provided "as is". No guarantees are made in respect to its functionality and bug fixes will be solved depending on current time limitations.